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Training Camp 8/12/03

OL-ADAM MEADOWS (on how the pre-season is going for him) “I have played well, but Ryan (Diem) may end up starting at right tackle. My goal coming into camp was to play good football.

OL-ADAM MEADOWS (on how the pre-season is going for him)

"I have played well, but Ryan (Diem) may end up starting at right tackle. My goal coming into camp was to play good football. Ryan (Diem) is the direction that we are heading and I am fine with that. Last night, we talked about it for a while. The good thing is that I have played long enough and I am healthy. Ryan's played well. He is a big tall guy and he is going to win for us."

OL-RYAN DIEM (on being named a starter)

"It feels great. Adam has played six great years here. I am proud to take over that position."

OL-RYAN DIEM (on moving from right guard to right tackle)

"It is a whole different technique out there. On one side, I played tackle in college, but then again Howard (Mudd) teaches a completely different technique than in college. I feel real comfortable there and I feel back at home."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on the decision to start OL-Ryan Diem at right tackle)

"Ryan's going to be the starter and Adam Meadows is going to end up at both right and left tackle. He is going to be the guy that ends up having to swing. We think that this is the best direction to go. We feel pretty good about our offensive line situation. We feel that we have three good guards and three good tackles."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on the attributes of OL-Ryan Diem)

"Tackle is his natural position and he is most comfortable there. He is adapting well and doing well and he is a very big body. With Steve (Scullio), Ryan (Diem) and Joe Dean (Davenport), we have three big bodies on the right side that will help us run the ball."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on OL-Ryan Diem and OL-Adam Meadows)

"The competition has been good for both of them. They are going to give Ryan more reps to develop his continuity. Competition makes everyone better. Both of those guys have worked hard and have a good attitude. The offensive line is one thing that I have never worried about since I have been here. Howard (Mudd) gets those guys ready to play.

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on having WR-Brandon Stokley back at practice)

"It's great having him out there. He made a couple of plays. He is still not able to do everything, but it is good to see him out here in pads. It would be nice to get him in a game or two before the season starts because I think he can really help us this year."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on the running back situation)

"This is no different than any other year I have been here. Every year we start out with a bunch of running backs, and the same thing happens. It is something that I am used to."

WR-MARVIN HARRISON (on his expectations for the year)

"I am not a goal oriented guy. I just want to get better each and every week. I want to establish myself as one of the better guys on the team."

QB-JAMES MACPHERSON (on his goals going into training camp)

"Going into camp, I wanted to give it all I had and hold nothing back. I have done that and now it is a matter of learning the offense."

QB-JAMES MACPHERSON (on his performance in the pre-season game against the Chicago Bears)

"I was pleased with how that game went. There was time to throw the ball and guys were getting open. The fact that I hung in there and executed felt pretty good.

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