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Tony Dungy 1/7/04

TONY DUNGY 1/7/04 (on if the Chiefs rushing attack is similar to the Colts) “He (Priest Holmes) runs a lot of stretch plays like we do. He looks for one gap, and then hits it.



(on if the Chiefs rushing attack is similar to the Colts)

"He (Priest Holmes) runs a lot of stretch plays like we do. He looks for one gap, and then hits it. You have to have everyone holding their point all the way across. If someone breaks down, he has a way of finding that hole. He breaks tackles, so you're going to need your defensive backs to come up and finish him off. You're going to need your line to really be gap-conscious. It's going to take everyone."

(on RB-Priest Holmes)

"He makes a ton of yardage outside the numbers. He's also strong enough that he's not afraid to turn it up and slash up field. He's really a good, complete back."

(on if the Chiefs like to throw downfield)

"It depends on who they play. They have guys that can do everything. They, obviously, give the ball to Tony Gonzalez a lot. They have some speed guys, (Eddie) Kennison, they get the ball to up the field, but Gonzalez catches a lot of their up-the-field stuff. They use Priest Holmes in the passing game. He catches a ton of balls underneath. They have a little package for Dante Hall that they do different things when he comes in. They do everything and it just depends on how you play them."

(on the Chiefs fans)

"We played them there when I was in Tampa. It was loud in the preseason. They have great fans. I was there for three years and know what kind of support they get. But again, the fans don't play, noise doesn't play. They have eleven guys that play and we have eleven."

(on kicking to WR/KR-Dante Hall)

"You have to play the situation. The number one thing, you don't want to have to punt backed up. You like to make first downs with your offense so that if you do have to punt, you can hang the ball high and kick him down into his end. If you have to kick a punt for distance and give him room, he's got a heck of a chance to break it. On kickoffs, again, you don't want to telegraph what you're going to do. You want to make good kicks, make him move around, not let them know exactly where the ball is going. We'll be aware of him and it's going to be a big challenge."

(on why the Colts are such a good road team)

"We don't worry about what has happened in the past, and typically what other teams are going to do. We just try to play our game. We've got a veteran offense. I think we can handle noise and we can handle being on the road. We don't worry about being on the road, and we don't let people tell us we can't win."

(on WR-Brandon Stokley)

"Brandon has helped us a lot. He's a really good player. It gives us another threat. It just gives us one other way to move our guys around."

(on if C-Jeff Saturday and C/OG-Tupe Peko will return to their previous positions)

"Probably. We're going to keep Kansas City guessing. It I were a betting man, I'd bet that we would be back to normal."

(on having versatile players that can play several positions)

"It's great to have. We've got a lot of guys that just want to win at this point in their career. It started with Chad Bratzke and Adam Meadows in the off season, playing harder than they have in the past and switching positions. They've shown the willingness to do it and that carried over to everyone. We've had running backs willing to share the load, guys switching positions, starters playing on special teams. That's why we win and hopefully we can keep that."

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