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Texans QB-Matt Schaub Conference Call Quotes

QB-MATT SCHAUB (on their 2-0 start) “It’s a good start for us.

QB-MATT SCHAUB (on their 2-0 start) * *

"It's a good start for us.  We're playing well as a team and making the plays that we need to."

QB-MATT SCHAUB (on his role in their early success)

"I feel like I've managed the game fairly well, kept the team focused in good times and negative times the past two weeks—playing for four quarters, managing the game situations and the clock, and converting third-downs.  So as a group I feel we've done the necessary things to win those games."

QB-MATT SCHAUB (on changes/corrections of past pass protection problems)

"That was something as an offensive unit we wanted to correct.  That took all 11 guys in the huddle to correct that.  It's a matter of knowing your assignments and your hot-reads, the backs picking up blitzes, the tight ends picking them up when they're in protection, our receivers being in the right spot, and the quarterback getting rid of the football."

QB-MATT SCHAUB (on their overall improvement and using the Colts as a measuring stick)

"It's another one of the games, it's a piece of the puzzle. It's 1 of 16 games.  We have them here at home, and we're excited about going out against a divisional opponent and testing ourselves.  It will be a great challenge for our football team all across the board offensively, defensively and special teams.  We're going to have to be sharp on our game and not hurt ourselves and stay on schedule.  Hopefully good things will happen for us."

QB-MATT SCHAUB (on the excitement of playing the Super Bowl Champs)

"I think there's some extra juice.  You can't hide the fact that they're a great football team.  They have tremendous talent.  They won the Super Bowl last year, so it's going to be a great test for us.  So we can't just dismiss that fact.  We have to acknowledge it and look at it as a great challenge and be willing to meet that challenge head-on."

QB-MATT SCHAUB (on playing without WR-Andre Johnson)

"It will be tough.  It will be something we have to work through as a total unit.  No one guy is going to win or lose a game, but at the same time 11 guys working together can accomplish good things.  It will be a matter of a lot guys stepping up to fill those catches and yards.  Everybody is going to have to raise their level of play just a little bit more."

* *

QB-MATT SCHAUB (on establishing rapport with WR-Andre Johnson)

"He caught some good passes.  We had some good looks from the defense we were facing and made some big plays.  That's some great effort on his part, and the offensive line for giving me the time to make those certain throws."

QB-MATT SCHAUB (on the Colts pass rush and what stands out for him)

"Obviously they're very quick, they're explosive, and they're athletic.

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