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Texans Coach Gary Kubiak Conference Call

HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK (on starting 2-0) “Of course, we started with Kansas City and our defense played pretty well on opening day.  We played well offensively in spurts, but have been somewhat inconsistent.

HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK (on starting 2-0) * *

"Of course, we started with Kansas City and our defense played pretty well on opening day.  We played well offensively in spurts, but have been somewhat inconsistent.  Our special teams throughout the preseason and these first few weeks have made some big plays for our team.  So, for us to have a chance to be competitive, to have a chance to win in this league, we have to hit on all phases.  Last week, to go on the road and get in the predicament that we were in and find a way to bail ourselves out of it, it was a positive move for our football team.  We have a long, long way to go.  We're looking for some consistency in what we're doing, and hopefully we can find that."

HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK (on if the team's progress began last year, buying into what he was doing)

"I just think that we have naturally, over a period of time, worked on our offensive scheme, our defensive scheme.  I think we have a very young football team, a lot of young players.  We have new faces this year at some very key positions.  So, that takes some time to come together.  I think that the thing that we've done best is just take focus on ourselves and our football and improve what we're doing week in and week out and not get too concerned with anything else.  I think that will be the key to our season.  We have to continue to improve in all three phases each week and stay focused on ourselves."

HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK (on QB-Matt Schaub's role in the Texans" improvement)

"He's been great.  When we went and got him, we weren't going to make a move just to make a move.  We felt like we had the answer in him.  We felt very good about this kid being ready for an opportunity to be a starter in this league.  Since the day we got him, he's been here working his tail off.  The guy's become a leader around here in a very short amount of time.  He handles his job well and handles everybody else on the field well, and I think that's important to our team.  With so many young players and some of the rough times that have been through here in Houston, to have somebody out there who can kind of calm the guys down and just get them to play for four quarters and play steady, that's very important to our franchise as well as our team.  And I think here early on, he's been able to do that."

HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK (on pass protection being a problem in the past, and it appears the protection has been much better so far)

"On paper it's better.  We've allowed two sacks our first two games, but a lot of that has to do with how games are going and being committed to running the ball.  If we get in a football game where you get down bad and you're having to throw it every down or something, I think some of our weaknesses may rear their ugly head again.  Hopefully we can stay on schedule as an offense and not put our guys up front in very compromising positions.  And I think we have played better up front when we've been able to do that."

HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK (on if this game will give him an indication of where the team is)

"I never really get into that.  I think this league is so tough.  You have 16 times to go out there and take your shot.  You have to play well as a football team in this league to have a chance on Sunday, and this week being no different for us.  We are excited about the start and all of that, but we understand the daunting task that we have this week with this group, and we'll have to play as well as we can play and then above and beyond that.  So, we'll just take it a week at a time and hopefully we continue to play solid football and find a way to make a few big plays in each area.  And that will be our focus each week."


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