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Tennessee Titans Conference Call Quotes

  HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on the Titans’ status right now) “We didn’t start our season thinking we would be off to this start.  But we can’t change what’s happened.

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HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on the Titans' status right now)

"We didn't start our season thinking we would be off to this start.  But we can't change what's happened.  All we're doing is moving on.  I'm proud of the players and the way they've handled a difficult situation, a difficult start.  They're highly motivated.  They work hard, they practice hard and they're doing everything we can ask of them, except making those kinds of difference-making plays on Sunday.  And that's something that we all know you can't press.  You just have to keep working at it and keep improving as a team.  So, personality-wise, locker room, all of those kinds of things, they're fine, they're sound, they're healthy.  It's just the 0-4 start that's troubling to everybody.  They've not accepted losing.  They believe that we have a chance as time moves on to become once again a pretty good football team."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on how difficult it is to remain good for a long period of time)

"It's not an easy thing.  You have to be able to, No.1, be able to hang on to your key players.  We obviously weren't able to do that, so you move on.  We have a young group of players now on this team, the young quarterback included, that we feel have a chance to replace the core group that we've lost.  So, it is difficult to stay tough, and that's why I think the Colts have done such a great job doing that over the last few years."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on if it is inevitable to take two steps back when lose your core players)

"I can't say everybody, because it certainly has not happened to the Colts.  But I think if you look around the league, you've seen it happen.  What's impressive is how teams can bounce right back.  I think the Ravens are a great example of that.  They went through a difficult time, got young in a hurry, used the cap wisely, made adjustments, rebuilt that team and now they're a contender again.  So, to me, what the challenge is, at some point it's going to happen if you're not careful.  And when it does happen, the question begs, 'How soon can you get back?'  That's where we are right now.  We are trying to get back as quickly as we can."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on if the Titans made the effort to take it as far as they could with their group of players with Steve McNair and Eddie George)

"That was the case, yes.  We, in 1999, 2000, even 2003, we hung on as long as we could, and probably stretched ourselves out a little thin to try to make one more run at it, even in 04.  And then of course in 04, we were victimized with injuries and it fell apart.  So, then in 05 we started the process."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on if you have an injury during that run, it really cripples you)

"It does.  Injuries are the one thing that we can't control, that you can't project.  I think we get to the point now where if you don't take the approach, 'What are we going to do when we get hurt' rather than 'What are we going to do if we get hurt,' then you're going to have a difficult time.  So, the developing backups and those type of players are kinds of players that you need in your system.  I think that process is very, very important."

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