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Tennessee Quotes at Colts

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (opening comments) “Congratulations to the Colts Organization for remaining unbeaten.  We had good opportunities to nab this game, and we did not.  We had chances to make the plays and keep the game close.

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (opening comments) * *

"Congratulations to the Colts Organization for remaining unbeaten.  We had good opportunities to nab this game, and we did not.  We had chances to make the plays and keep the game close.  Our approach was to keep it close and we did, but let it get away at the end."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on the end of the five game win streak and repercussions for the post-season)

"We did not come in here thinking about the post-season. We came in thinking about winning this game.  That's all. Subconsciously, we probably had it etched away someplace but it is not our focus.    Our focus is trying to win the game, each game is different.  We came in here to play a top tier team."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on the Colts containing RB-Chris Johnson)

"They are a very talented defense.  They did a very good job."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on how to stop the Colts)

"We are a better team now than when we faced them the first time.  You don't turn the ball over, you make the catches and make the plays."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on DT-Tony Brown losing his composure at the end of the first half)

"He did, I think he had a legitimate excuse.  Regardless, of what happens out there, you can't act that way in these situations and you have to control it."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on the frustrations of QB-Peyton Manning completing big third down plays)

"You see him, as you prepare for him, all week make those plays.  We made a few plays, but they do a great job of getting the ball across the sticks."    

QB-VINCE YOUNG (on lack of production in the end zone)

"We didn't finish.  Have to give respect to their defense.  We didn't finish and we have to do that.  Like I said all week we have to finish.  We have to score against a talented team like that.  We didn't finish."

QB-VINCE YOUNG (on the fourth down pass in the end zone)

"They have the new rules.  He came down but he got pushed out.  Nothing we can do about it.  He came down with the catch.  That's a good thing about it, but nothing we can do about the ref, just have to get ready for the next series."

QB-VINCE YOUNG (on getting over the loss after the five game winning streak)

"It's not tough at all.  We just have to put that behind us, and we have four more games left.  That's the biggest key right now.  We have to put that behind us.  All respect to the Colts for taking it to us, but at the same time we have to put it in the past and get ready for the next game."

QB-VINCE YOUNG (on the playoffs being out of the question after the loss)

"Anything can happen.  We have four more games left and we will let that play out like it's supposed to be."

RB-CHRIS JOHNSON (on not having any long runs today)

"Basically they are a real fast defense.  I'd say out of a 16 week season you aren't going to see that every single week.  There are going to be weeks you are not going to have an 80- or 50-yard run, but we had success running the ball."

RB-CHRIS JOHNSON (on being frustrated on not having a breakout long run)

"I wouldn't say it was frustrating because every time we ran the ball we got positive yards, five or six yards.  I wouldn't say that I would be frustrated."

RB-CHRIS JOHNSON (on how the team can keep their heads up after this loss)

"You know the Colts, they are a good team.  They were 11-0.  We went against a good team and we took a loss.  We know that we had a real good chance at beating them, so we just have to go to work, keep practicing and try to get better."

FB-AHMARD HALL (on not having any long runs today)

"I don't know.  It's hard to go undefeated in this league.  Going undefeated is not important to those guys.  Going to the Super Bowl is important to those guys.  They might sit some guys down the stretch, but if they continue to play the starters and play as well as they can then they can go undefeated."

WR-KENNY BRITT (on the fourth down play in the end zone)

"Fourth down play.  Had a corner pressing me, safety came down, and it's one-on-one so he, (Vince Young) took a shot."

WR-KENNY BRITT (on the lack of production in the redzone)

"Definitely.  We know that we have to keep up with the point for point.  That's exactly what we wanted to do, and that's exactly what we are capable of.  We got in the redzone, and we just couldn't punch it in.  It hurt us."

WR - NATE WASHINGTON (on the dropped long ball)

"I don't want to make excuses.  I dropped the ball.  That's something I can't do.  You have to go out and make plays and unfortunately that is something we didn't do today."

WR - NATE WASHINGTON (on team momentum)

"All we can do is finish the season strong.  Not once have the guys in this locker room given up hope."

WR - NATE WASHINGTON (on the Colts)

"I don't know.  They made their share of mistakes, we just made more of them.  You can't do that when you play these guys."

LB - KEITH BULLOCK (on several 3rd and long conversions)

"It was very frustrating.  They have a 50 percent completion rate on 3rd down and that was one of the things we wanted to do coming here, get off the field on 3rd down.  We were able to do more in the second half than the first half."

DE - KYLE VANDEN BOSCH (on bouncing back from this loss)

"It was an emotional game with a lot at stake.  But the thing this locker room has shown before is the ability to bounce back.  We have a lot of resolve and pride in ourselves."

DE- KYLE VANDEN BOSCH (on 0-6 star)

"We knew coming back after the bye week it was a super long shot to make the playoffs and it was a 10-game season, and we wanted to go undefeated in the 10-game season. We are still playing our 10 game season and right now we are 5-1."

DE- KYLE VANDEN BOSCH (on stupid penalties)

"For once I'm on the same wavelength as the coaches.  Coaches always stress, especially Coach Fisher, penalties that have nothing to do with the play and I think those are dumb penalties and they hurt us as a team.  At the same time, I don't know what was going on in that pile to incite a personal foul, but at the same time the players on this team are big enough and have done it before to walk away from it."

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