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September 1 Jim Caldwell Quotes

  HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on QB-Jim Sorgi looking forward to Thursday’s game at Cincinnati and if he feels he need a certain amount of work) “He could use some good, quality work.

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on QB-Jim Sorgi looking forward to Thursday's game at Cincinnati and if he feels he need a certain amount of work)

"He could use some good, quality work.  We haven't necessarily given him a definitive number as of yet.  We're going to wait until after today's practice, and we'll sit down and talk as a staff and kind of see where things are and make a determination on how many reps he's going to get.  But he certainly could use some work.  It's been limited work he's had thus far this preseason."  

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on how hard it will be to decide whether to keep two or three quarterbacks this season)

"It's something every year we grapple with.  It's typically one of those situations where you have to kind of weigh and measure everything and then make a determination.  Over the years, we typically have had two, and occasionally we've had three.  This year, obviously, is one that we'll have to take a look at all the factors involved once the game is over Thursday night and make a determination."  

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on DB-Bob Sanders and how he is doing)

"All I can tell you, and I know it probably irks or perturbs you a little bit, in terms of our response in that regard, he did, indeed, when he went down to (Birmingham to see) Dr. Andrews, went through a session with him and got thoroughly checked out.  Both of them felt really good about the things that were accomplished and where he was from a physical standpoint.  And believe me, he's making really good progress.  Now, just in terms of when he might return and that kind of thing, when I get something that's definitive where I can put a finger on it, I certainly will let you know.  But at this time, he's progressing, he's feeling good.  It was great to see him back out there watching things.  We're looking forward to getting him back."  

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on where he feels the offense is right now)

"We feel pretty good about where they are right now.  Obviously, you want to be perfect.  You want every drive that you take the field, that it's culminated with a touchdown.  That has not happened this preseason, but we've been pretty efficient, I think.  So we are pleased with the progress, but the fact of the matter is, we still have to get better.  This week is important for us because of the fact that there are going to be some starters that may not play in this game and that kind of thing.  We're going to make that determination this evening.  The most important thing is that they continue to improve.  Today is a big day, just in terms of a practice session, that we want to make certain that we stay sharp and that we start even to improve a little bit upon some of the things that we've had some difficulties with, staying away from penalties, being able to extend drives, things of that nature.  And then on the other side of the ball, defensively, we have our concerns there as well.  This week we have to really focus in on the things where we feel we're weak, to try to strengthen those things before we play Jacksonville in about 12 days or so."  

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on if the team needs the last preseason game to evaluate the roster or if they could make the roster cuts to 53 already)

"I think so (that they need this game).  I don't think we could make it today, obviously.  That's one of the things that you wait until you have finished playing all of your games.  We have a big game Thursday night.  In some cases, you find that someone who has not had an opportunity to get much playing time previously gets an extended amount of playing time and does well.  That will open your eyes and make you consider them as part of the process.  So we have to wait.  Injuries are a factor as well, in terms of your decisions.  There are a lot of different factors that we have to weigh into this decision, and it's not easy."  

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on if there are instances where someone will make a standout play or have a standout final game that makes you consider them for the final roster)

"I do think there are some situations that will occur that way.  And I do think there are a lot of men that are looking forward to that opportunity come Thursday evening.  And we try to stress that.  That is why we feel this game is important, because the roster has not been set yet and there are still some opportunities for the guys that are playing in this game."  

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on Peyton Manning saying how important practices are at this point in the season and trying to continue to improve)

"We try to make certain that we still get the same type of tempo that we look for practice to practice and that there is a real challenge that is placed on them as well.  We'll do a lot of sort of training camp activities where you go more (No.) one offense versus (No.) one defense, those kinds of things.  We do those to make certain that we present challenges for both sides of the ball and our kicking game.  It's not one of those situations simply because we have a short week that we're still not trying to get a group even though some of these guys might not play. We're still trying to get them sharp, so we've kind of tailored our practices to that, and we kind of divide it almost 50-50 in terms of training camp mode and preparation for Cincinnati."  

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