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Meet The Colts: Scottie Montgomery

Learn more about the Indianapolis Colts new running backs coach Scottie Montgomery, his NFL experience as a player and coach, his excitement to join this staff and more on working with Jonathan Taylor, Nyheim Hines and others

INDIANAPOLIS - After a few years in the College ranks, new Indianapolis Colts running backs coach Scottie Montgomery returns to the NFL. Learn more about his coaching style fitting with Frank Reich and Marcus Brady and how excited he is to work with the talented running backs unit.

What was most exciting, most enticing about the opportunity to come to Indianapolis, come to the Colts organization in particular working with this group of running backs?

"Well, the franchise, definitely Coach (Frank) Reich, the building – everything that you hear about the building, the culture that has been built here is very attractive. Then secondly, you have to like the room. The room is a fantastic room, not just from an athlete standpoint, but great young men in the room. Just looking forward to getting a chance to coach those guys."

How do you describe your coaching style and the dynamic that there is between yourself, Frank Reich and also newly named offensive coordinator Marcus Brady?

"I think it is one of those situations where we do a good job of understanding that none of us are as smart as all of us. So, I'm learning a lot right now. I'm really taking everything in, but my style is we just have to find ways to get better. It's one percent better every day, and try to make sure that our players understand not only do we believe in them, but we are going to give them the best opportunity to do that"

When you look at the running back unit and what they've done over these last few seasons with guys like Jonathan Taylor, Nyheim Hines, Marlon Mack, what excites you most about developing these young running backs?

"They want to get better. Listening to them, talking to them and then making sure – when you look at the tape, a lot of guys love to carry the football. But these guys do it all. They protect the quarterback, the play hard without the football. Those things are very attractive for any coach who would like to coach players."

Being new to that position group, how do you try to build the rapport with the guys who are in the running back room? Is it just a lot of Zoom calls or phone calls? What are you able to do over the next few months before guys are able to get back in the building?

"Well of course when we are able to get back in the building – hopefully we will be able to get back in the building, that would be great. But we are not where we were last year for a lot of us as coaches because this is the second time around. So we've learned kind of the tricks of the trade on how to build those relationships and how to continue to move even though we are in a pandemic state. But until then, we do have to live in a virtual world. We will try to prepare them as well as we can. There is no disadvantage for us because everybody is under the same rules. So we will do our best job that we can continue to do to try and build relationships with these players before they come in."

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