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Rodney Harrison Conference Call Quotes

  DB-RODNEY HARRISON(on his return from injury) “I think each week I’m getting more and more confident.

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DB-RODNEY HARRISON(on his return from injury)

"I think each week I'm getting more and more confident.  I'm actually doing more than I was doing obviously Week 1 and Week 2.  I don't really have too many limitations.  I'm playing football and it's getting better and my confidence is definitely there."

DB-RODNEY HARRISON(on the seriousness of his injury)

"It is what it is.  I missed a year.  You ask anyone most of the time that this can be a career-ending injury.  God had a different plan for me, it wasn't my time yet.  I'm back, the injury is over with and we're looking forward to a big game this week."

DB-RODNEY HARRISON(on the excitement of playing the Colts)

"Obviously it's not just another game.  It's a big game.  Once you get past all the hype, once you get past all the media attention, it all comes down to who plays the best on that given day.  It comes down to catching, hitting, making tackles, doing those types of things.  You guys (media) are going to put more emphasis on it because the Colts are 7-0, it's been a rivalry.  At the end of the day, players win and lose football games.  We'll see what happens on Sunday."

DB-RODNEY HARRISON(on is it a rivalry and what it means to him)

"I think so.  All the match-ups that we've had in the playoffs going up there and being able to stop them on the one yard line and win that game.  Them coming back here last year and blowing us out 40-21.  I think each team respects one another.  I think it is somewhat of a rivalry and a very, very competitive game.  We respect them and I know they respect us.  Maybe the best team will win on Sunday."

DB-RODNEY HARRISON(on his thoughts about the number one seed)

"Not at all, not at all.  We're not even half-way into the season yet.  That would be ludicrous to even think about the playoffs and anything post-season wise.  Our goal is to go out here and win one football gam

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