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Rex Ryan Conference Call Quotes

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on if the regular season meeting will have any influence on this game) “Probably nothing. Obviously, they’re going to look at the tape, we’re going to look at the tape and all that kind of stuff.

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on if the regular season meeting will have any influence on this game) * *

"Probably nothing. Obviously, they're going to look at the tape, we're going to look at the tape and all that kind of stuff. (WR-Pierre) Garcon never played the last time we played. Now, they (do) a lot of three-wides, where they stayed in two tight ends and two receivers against us, primarily. So, that could be a little different, as well. Clearly, we're all going to look at those tapes and study and see if we can pick up some things, and I'm talking about Indy looking at us, as well. As far as how it played out, and the last part of the third quarter and fourth quarter, that really means nothing because they're here and we're here, we all made it. I'm just glad to get this opportunity, and we'll see what happens."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on if he is amused by all the what-if scenarios people have come up with)

"Yes, and the thing is nobody will know because the game is four quarters. You're not just going to end it after five minutes to go in the third quarter. We were going to give everything we had in it. They were playing hard when they pulled them. The thing that amazes me is that, I have a funny feeling that Coach Caldwell knows a little more about his football team than anybody else, or the so called experts. The expert is Jim Caldwell. He earned that right, he put his team in that position. He earned the right to manage his team anyway he wanted to and that was it. Was it the right thing to do? Well, look at how they played last week. That was their decision, but there was no guarantee they were going to win the game. I'm not saying we would have definitely won it, but I know one thing, we were definitely going to compete to win it, all the way, and there is no question about that. We weren't beat yet. We might have been down, but we've been down before. So, that means nothing. That game absolutely means nothing. I don't even know what our record is. We're coming in there with a chance to win a Super Bowl, and that's all we care about."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on the Jets' offensive line)

"We knew going in that, that clearly the strength of our football team was that offensive line and our offensive line coach Bill Callahan. That's what I believed. When you have the ability to run the football and protect the quarterback, you can have an effective offense. I feel that we have those things. Let alone, going into the season, we probably had three great backs. Unfortunately, we lost RB-Leon Washington after six games, but he was clearly a dynamic back. RB-Thomas Jones has been our bell-cow all year, and obviously you've seen the emergence of RB-Shonn Greene, as well."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on the Colts' DT-Dan Muir, DT-Antonio Johnson and DT-Eric Foster)

"I guess it's a tribute to (defensive line coach) John Teerlinck. I mean they play hard as heck. They may be undersized and all that, but they get off the blocks quick. They penetrate, they get off blocks, and they are disruptive guys. They play with a great motor, and again, I think that is tribute to John Teerlinck."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on the matchup between WR-Reggie Wayne and CB-Darrelle Revis)

"I know one thing, he's about as good as it gets. Obviously, Reggie Wayne is an unbelievable football player, but he's going up against an unbelievable player in Darrelle Revis. There are maybe two or three receivers in his class, in Reggie Wayne's class, but there is only one Darrelle Revis."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on being a defensive guy, but can he appreciate the final four quarterbacks left in the playoffs)

"Of course, I mean I'm a football fan, too. Like I say, I love Peyton Manning, I just don't like it when he plays us, but I love him. He's the best I've ever seen, but when we play him it's like, man. It's frustrating because he doesn't let you hit him, he knows exactly where to go with the football, and he's just a real pain in the butt. But do I appreciate all of the things that he does? Absolutely. The guy is phenomenal. Drew Brees, the way he gets the football out of his hands quick, different style than Peyton Manning, but still an amazing quarterback. Then, of course, you have the ultimate gunslinger in Brett Favre. I definitely can appreciate those guys. Then you have the kid (Mark Sanchez) coming up behind them. Hopefully, one day, we'll be able to mention his name in the same breath with all of those other great ones."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on the speed of the Colts defense)

"They play awfully fast, that is for sure, there is no doubt. Their d-line really gets after it, the linebackers are flying around and things like that. That is what their system has always been built on. They get off blocks. One thing about them is they are hitting and getting off blocks and spinning and doing all kinds of stuff. They don't stay blocked for long, that is for sure. They all have great motors going to the football. Are there some guys that are bigger and maybe stronger at the point of attack than they are? Absolutely.  But they do get it done, and they've always gotten it done that way. For whatever reason, it always seems to be one of the most underrated units in the entire National Football League, and I think that has to do with Peyton Manning more than anything else because Peyton is obviously, and deservedly so, the focus of most everybody's attention, what he can do offensively to you; the way he plays the position of quarterback, there is none better. Really, that defense is pretty impressive. I'd still put ours ahead of them, but I certainly respect the heck out of what they do defensively."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on QB-Mark Sanchez)

"He just keeps getting better. He is playing the best football of his career - like it's a career, one year - but he really is. He is playing the best football of his life, right now. I think part of that is because of the job Matt Cavanaugh is doing with him, coaching quarterbacks, and obviously, (offensive coordinator) Brian Schottenheimer. Everybody seems to be on the same page, and he has really taken this offense over like it's his offense now, and I think that's a critical thing for him. He's mastered the offense. Now, he's starting to be able to read defenses and things like that. We're really proud of his development. Like I said, one day, he is going to be looked at as the strength of our football team and not the weakness."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on why a defender would ever bite on play action against QB-Peyton Manning)

"Well, that was kind of the philosophy we took into the last game, and then they ran it for a 25-yard touchdown run on us. They are still very effective running the football. It's frustrating, it's kind of like a body blow. They keep doing it. They keep you honest, and I think that's important. I think that's part of their success as an offense. They blend in the right amount for them, running the football, and then they kill you with those big plays. But, you make a great mention of that. I'll make sure our guys are aware of that, 'Like don't even bother with it.'"

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on his attitude that he expects to win)

"Well, it's something that I truly believe in. I was shocked, I really was shocked, when they came out and said that we were the longest long shot out there at 50-1 or something. I was like, 'That's amazing,' because most Super Bowls are won with defense and the ability to run the football. When the Colts won the Super Bowl, their defense was outstanding, probably one of the best defenses in the tournament, and they ran the football some. So, I think that formula worked for them, as well. Obviously in 2000, something I'm very familiar with, we (Baltimore) had the best defense in football. I'm sorry and I don't care who it offends, but our defense is the best defense in the National Football League, and we can run the ball better than anybody in the National Football League, So, those are two things that I thought are critical in winning a championship. For me, to just take it in and accept the fact that we should be the biggest long shots in the tournament was ridiculous, and I still feel that way."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on if he put any money on it even though the league frowns on betting)

"No, I never did, but I do know one thing, I've always been betting on our guys. That's what I said the day I took the job. I believe in myself, but more importantly, I believe in our football team. I believe in our players and our coaches, and I believe in our organization from top to bottom. Nothing is going to get me off of that."

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