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Registration is now open for the Colts Cheerleader Auditions to be held April 10, 2010.  Interested participants to check on the cheerleader pagefor detailed information on how to prepare for auditions.

"We are putting a lot of emphasis on fitness this year.  We want healthy and athletic girls, because they are athletes and will be treated as such," explained Cheerleader Coordinator, Theresa Pottratz.

"Part of the package to be a Colts Cheerleader is they have to be physically fit and be an entertaining dancer."

Pottratz suggest now is the time for cheerleader hopefuls to start working on their fitness and dance.

"If they have a fitness program they need to stay with it.  If they don't, they need to find one," Pottratz added.  "They also need to work on their dance.  I suggest they sign up for an adult dance class in something like jazz or hip-hop."

Fitness and dance ability are major factors in becoming a Colts Cheerleader, but so is character.

"We're looking for energetic, enthusiastic young ladies who are, of course, Colts fans and want to portray that love for the Colts to the fans and help them be enthusiastic about the team as well," said Pottratz.

The Colts will also be hosting workshops prior to auditions on March 9, 16, 30 and April 6.  These classes will include stretching/warm-ups, kicks, jazz technique, dance combinations, tips, and more.  Each class is $30.

Parospective cheerleaders can expect a full day when April 10th rolls around.  The doors will open at 8:30 am after which participants will receive their audition numbers and start learning the first dance.

"We'll have hundreds of girls that first day of auditions.  We'll teach them a quick routine and they'll be given some time to practice before we'll ask them to perform in front of a panel of judges," said Pottratz.

"On that first day, a lot of the initial cuts are made and we have to make a lot of decisions based on first impressions.  We're looking for that spark, that showmanship spark."

After the first round of cuts on April 10th, cheerleader auditions will continue on for a few weeks.

"We don't pick their dancing apart as much on the first day.  As we go further into the audition process we'll really focus on dance and we'll get to know the girls better through interviews," said Pottratz

Work for an Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader only begins during auditions.  From May through the playoffs, they practice twice a week and perform at every Colts home game.  Cheerleaders are expected to do appearances at community service events, trade shows, and more.  They also represent the Colts at a majority of their community projects like the Make It Personal and Friday Night Football tours.

"We're looking for a certain maturity and poise.  They are out there on the frontlines.  They are the ones that most sfans interact with more so than players," Pottratz added.

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