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Quotes- Bill Polian, Jim Caldwell, Fili Moala

  PRESIDENT BILL POLIAN (general comments after the selection of DT-Fili Moala) “With our second pick, with a trade with Miami, we traded our fifth round pick to the Dolphins in order to switch picks in this (second) round.

PRESIDENT BILL POLIAN (general comments after the selection of DT-Fili Moala)

"With our second pick, with a trade with Miami, we traded our fifth round pick to the Dolphins in order to switch picks in this (second) round.  We selected Fili Moala, defensive tackle from USC.  He's 6-4, 305 pounds.  He runs the forty in about five flat.  He's the kind of long, tough, rough-house defensive tackle that we feel like can help us both in the run game and the pass.  He's a guy obviously that we thought very highly of.  The pickings were getting a little slim on the boards.  Everybody we had in the round had gone off at this point.  Our board has been scarily correct and accurate.  There weren't many left (tackles) at this point, so we decided to go make the trade and make sure we got him.  We're anxious to have him.  He's a player who played mostly right defensive end in the 3-4 this year because they had to get (Clay) Matthews on the field, along with the other three linebackers.  We saw him in a situation that is a little different than what he'll play here.  There were times when he was down in a true four front.  We like his length.  We like his toughness.  We like his effort.  The speed is good.  He's very different than what we're used to having.  That's fine.  We felt like it was a departure in the right direction." 


"The system is exactly the same.  They play the same defensive system we do.  He should have very little learning curve involved.  The techniques along the defensive line are almost exactly the same.  He won't have much boning up to do of both from a playbook standpoint or a technique standpoint.  He should fit right in pretty quickly."

PRESIDENT BILL POLIAN (on what he saw in DT-Fili Moala's ability)

"Stats are meaningless.  It's the linebackers that make the tackles when they play the 3-4 front.  What you see is penetration, length in penetration, the ability to change direction and go chase the play.  That's critical.  He's a long-armed, long-limbed guy.  That aids him in pass rush.  He really has a chance to get up the field and get on the outside of a guard and do some damage in the pass rush.  Our most successful inside pass rusher has been Raheem Brock, who is the same height and naturally quite a bit less heavy.  This is a guy that has a lot of the attributes we're looking for, plus the 305 pounds, quality and what he can do."

PRESIDENT BILL POLIAN (on DT-Fili Moala getting on the field quickly)

"I wouldn't think he'll have any difficulty at all adapting to what we do.  Adapting to pro football is a different story.  The NFL is a different level.  As good as USC is, it's still a different level.  Technique-wise and assignment wise it'll be similar."

PRESIDENT BILL POLIAN (on why DT-Fili Moala was the guy)

"This guy isn't necessary the 'Big Guy' in the middle.  He's a bigger guy than we've had.  We still need length. We still need athleticism.  We still need change of direction.  The under tackle is still a guy that has to be able to get through the gap and disrupt.  It's hard to win consistently with 275-pound guys in there.  It helps if they are 290 to 300.  The nose tackle is another story.  He could even be bigger if you could find one."

PRESIDENT BILL POLIAN (on what he will look for Sunday)

"Best player.  The best guy."

PRESIDENT BILL POLIAN (on how he feels about the first picks)

"I feel good.  We talked about it the other day that if we got this as a double that we'd be fine." 

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (general comments after the selection of DT-Fili Moala)

"We are excited to have Fili (Moala).  He is a guy that does indeed have some length and some power.  He certainly is a very efficient pass rusher as well as a good run defender as well.  He's been in a system in which they've won a lot of games.  That's what maximum effort is all about.  He does all those things extremely well.  He's a committed guy that we are looking forward to getting in."

* *

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on how he feels about the first picks)

"We feel we filled some needs.  We feel we have two individuals that are certainly going to help us."

DT-FILI MOALA (on being drafted by the Colts)

"I couldn't be anymore happier.  There were some things that I experienced with the organization meeting with them.  There are so many good things about the organization and Indianapolis itself, I couldn't have been happier."

DT-FILI MOALA (on playing tackle)

"I have no preference on what position I play.  I just love being on the field playing football, whatever I can contribute to the team. That's what I'll be doing."

DT-FILI MOALA (on his size and ability)

"Coming from SC (Southern Cal), I've had the privilege of having a lot of great coaches from Coach Ed Orsoron, Jethro Franklin, and Coach Nicholas Holt.  I've learned a lot of things from them, they taught me to just use my natural ability, be true to myself as a football player.  What I provide is athletic ability, strength and point of attack.  I know I have a motor and can run with the best of them.  Those are qualities that have gotten me to this point in my career.  I look forward to fine-tuning, sharpening my skills and being the best football player I can be and contributing to the Indianapolis Colts."

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