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Colts QB Gardner Minshew II: 'I don't think we're far off' 

The Colts are now 3-5 and fourth in the AFC South standings following their 38-27 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Minshew PostGame

With Sunday's 38-27 loss to the New Orleans Saints, the Colts have dropped their last three games, bringing their record to 3-5 through the first half of the season.

That puts them fourth in the AFC South behind the Jacksonville Jaguars (6-2), Houston Texans (3-4) and Tennessee Titans (3-4).

While it obviously is not the direction the team had hoped to go after starting the season 2-1, you won't find anyone in the locker room making excuses.

Following the game, quarterback Gardner Minshew II acknowledged the team's recent slump and said this is where the real hard work begins.

"Everybody talks about toughness, you know? Can you get back up if you get hit?" Minshew II said. "Alright, if you get hit once, so what? If you get hit twice, alright. Three times? Now it's tough. When your body hurts, when your heart hurts, it's tough. I think we're about to figure that out.

"But I feel good about the guys that we got. I don't think that we're far off. I think we clean a few things up, start playing some complimentary football and we can do everything we want to do still."

Minshew II and Co. will have the opportunity to prove that next Sunday when they head to Carolina to face the 1-5 Panthers. After that, they will take on the 2-6 New England Patriots in Germany before their bye in Week 11.

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