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QB-Peyton Manning Locker Room Quotes

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the Titans being a rival) September 28, 2005 “Absolutely, they were the first team to win the AFC South and sort of establish the presence early in the division, and especially when you go to there place.

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the Titans being a rival) September 28, 2005

"Absolutely, they were the first team to win the AFC South and sort of establish the presence early in the division, and especially when you go to there place. Historically they have always played well at home and still have the same philosophies. Steve [McNair] is still the quarterback, Coach [Jeff] Fisher is still their coach, and it's always a tough ballgame when you play against these guys, especially down in Nashville."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on being the only team without giving up a sack) September 28, 2005

"Yeah it's a credit to a lot of guys. Obviously it starts with those guys [offensive line] and the job they're doing and the protection. Tight ends are doing a good job of blocking. Edgerrin [James] is as well. I think in the passing game we're doing a good job of getting rid of the ball on time and receivers are getting open, so it's always a team effort. I think they'll have one of their toughest tests this week because the Titans have a lot of sacks. They have the leading sack leader [Kyle Vanden Bosch] in the league right now. It will be a tough challenge for them on Sunday."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on playing well on the road) September 28, 2005

"I think you have to in the NFL, especially in the AFC. It's important, it's a mindset and we spend a lot of time on the little things and realize crowd noise is going to be a factor, and you practice with the crowd noise and you change your signals or what not. You realize that you have to be on the same page. I think (Head) Coach (Tony) Dungy puts a lot of emphasis on there is a difference when you go on the road and you need to be more focused and pay attention to the details during practice, so when the game comes along you are prepared for the hostile environment."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on finishing drives on offense) September 28, 2005

"Obviously we need to be able to put the ball into the end zone. We had a pattern misread on one and a missed block on the other, otherwise those are probably clean cut touchdowns there (against Cleveland). Those are things you have to be able to correct and finish. We would like to do a better job in the red-zone of finishing drives and scoring touchdowns."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on getting some one-on-one situations with the Colts wide receivers) September 28, 2005

"Well, we've had some in the past, and there's no question we are always trying to get those guys involved. Those guys are our playmakers and we're always trying to find ways to get those guys the ball. Everybody is going to play a big role. Edgerrin [James], we need to try to get him established and get the tight ends involved as well."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on how worried he would be if he had to play against DE-Dwight Freeney) September 28, 2005

"Dwight's playing extremely well right now. I don't think it's anything new really. I don't know around the country, but certainly in the NFL I think Dwight has been an established guy for the past couple of years. Tackles and quarterbacks certainly know what number he is, where he is, what side he's on. He's kind of the, sort of when I got into the league, how you play Bruce Smith. You always, even if you were taking a knee, you checked to see, 'Where's Bruce?' When you had the chance to send your back over there to help out, you took advantage of that. Dwight has established himself in a short period of time. It's great for our team and he's kind of the leader on that defense and we just want him to keep it going."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on being worried about a DE like Dwight Freeney) September 28, 2005

"Well it can change a game-plan. It can possibly force you to go to more quick passes. If you're a team that likes to do a lot of seven-step drops and play actions, maybe you get to do a few of those, but you are taking a risk. You like to have a guy that can make you change your game-plan. When a defensive end can change a game-plan, that tells you what kind of impact he can have on a football team."

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