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Colts defensive end Robert Mathis speaks one-on-one with

2010_tc_mathis.jpg Interviews DE-Robert Mathis

Colts two-time Pro Bowl defensive end Robert Mathis ranks second in Colts history with 63.0 career sacks. He has three double-digit sack seasons, and his 35 forced fumbles lead the NFL since his initial season in 2003. caught up with Mathis recently at 2010 training camp in Anderson.

Question: Going into another season with the Colts, what new goals have you set for yourself?
Answer: Just to get that much better as the season progresses, stay healthy and play every play 110 percent.

Q: You are known for you consistency and your skills on the field…How do you plan on improving that at training camp? Is there something in particular you are trying to improve on?
A: Yes, I want to work on some inside moves and just being an all-around player in the scheme, helping the team out and just getting to be a better player all-around.

Q: What is one thing that you would tell a football player that is trying to make it to the NFL?
A: Grind! Never underestimate the value of good, old-fashion grind and hard work, and it will all pay off.

Q: You are from a 'small school' in Alabama A&M. What advice would you give to players that attend smaller schools, that want to make it at this level? And how have you been able to defeat the stereotype that you can compete at this level?
A: First off, you have to go in with the idea that you have to be twice as better as big college guys. You already have one strike against you coming from a 'so called' lesser talent or a smaller school. So, everything you have to do, you have to go at it 100 miles per hour. You have to out-perform them [players at larger schools] every single play.

Q: Being a veteran on the team, how do you help the rookies do well at camp? And veterans are good at doing that here, aren't they, helping the younger players?
A: Just making sure they know what they are doing and leading by example. Also, making sure you set the example and lead by example, which is being on time for meetings, making sure you are where you are supposed to be, on the field everybody (is) talking, keeping the hazing to a minimum. It is a common goal, and that is to just finish the job that we were unable to finish last year, and it will take everybody to do it.

Q: One day, people will look back at what you have done and your accomplishments. What do you want them to say about you?
A: Heart! He never gave up and his motor stayed running. I pride myself on that.

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