Purchase Colts Tickets Instantly Via Text Message with ReplyBuy

The Colts have partnered with ReplyBuy to provide instant mobile ticket purchases and enhance game day experience for fans.

INDIANAPOLIS— The Indianapolis Colts today announced its new partnership with ReplyBuy, the leading platform for messaging-enabled commerce that provides businesses with a unique combination of instant buyer engagement, artificial intelligence, analytics and payments. Leveraging the ReplyBuy platform will deliver an entirely new form of fan engagement and ease of purchasing. ReplyBuy will serve as a personal concierge for registered members (to register, visit replybuy.com/colts). Fans can complete their purchase by simply responding with a quick text message – eliminating the traditional friction in the e-commerce purchase flow.

With ReplyBuy, fans can complete their purchase on-demand in a matter of seconds. Tickets will be instantly delivered to the buyer's phone where they will be scanned at the event. The partnership with ReplyBuy is just one of the many ways the Colts are working to make the game day experience memorable and hassle-free for fans.

"Our partnership with ReplyBuy has provided our fans with the opportunity to purchase recently released tickets shortly before the day of the game with speed and ease. It is unique in that it offers an incredibly efficient and seamless transaction with the fan by making it as simple as replying to a text to complete a purchase," Said Greg Hylton, Colts Vice President of Premium Seating and Ticket Sales. "With ReplyBuy's solution, we are able to generate instant ticket sales and deliver instant gratification for our fans."

Fans who register for the service by October 4 will be entered to win a VIP game day experience including a pair of tickets, sideline passes, and parking to Peyton Manning's jersey retirement vs. the 49ers. You can now register by visiting www.replybuy.com/colts or texting COLTS to 20123.

"It's a tremendous honor to partner with a premium sports brand in the industry like the Indianapolis Colts." said Brandon O'Halloran, SVP of Partnerships & Strategy at ReplyBuy. "We have a core belief that making it easier to engage with fans on-demand while at the same time completely reducing the buying friction creates a scenario where everyone wins. The decision to introduce this new program further demonstrates the Colts progressive thinking in finding solutions that are convenient for today's fan."

About ReplyBuy
ReplyBuy is a next generation mobile sales platform that combines artificial intelligence, messaging, payments and digital commerce in a single platform to deliver instant buyer gratification from the businesses they choose. As an initial market, ReplyBuy has been embraced by 120 organizations across NBA, NHL, MLS and NFL, as well as major universities. It is described as "what might be the fastest-growing company in the sports ticketing space," according to ESPN. ReplyBuy enables businesses to engage with customers in real-time via mobile and completely removes the buying friction by offering an instant checkout.

For more information, visit www.replybuy.com. Twitter: @ReplyBuy

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