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President Bill Polian and Coach Tony Dungy Quotes

  PRESIDENT BILL POLIAN (on being curious about the upcoming camp) Training Camp “I am just excited.

PRESIDENT BILL POLIAN (on being curious about the upcoming camp) Training Camp

"I am just excited.  I think if our team is hungry, we are going to be in good shape.  Everything that I've seen so far leads me to believe we are, but that's what I always come to camp saying.  I think the positions take care of themselves.  You get players that step up, but if we are hungry and willing to work together, we are going to be a good team."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on getting back to camp) Training Camp

"I am always excited this time of year because I think this is where your team develops, this is where you determine how good you're going to be.  In probably three and a half weeks we'll know, so this is the fun time for me."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on not looking ahead and focusing on each game as it comes) Training Camp

"Well, that will be my message, not even in the season, but the first day of camp, the first meetings, all the little details that lead up to playing well.  I know they are going be bombarded by, 'In the playoffs, in the playoffs, in the playoffs,' all year, but you don't get to the playoffs if you don't take care of business.  That's going to be my message.  That was the message last year.  I think we have enough guys that understand that."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on filling the defensive gap, specifically if LB-Gilbert Gardner will be the outright choice at linebacker) Training Camp

"Well, I know you hate to hear it but it's an open competition everywhere.  I am going to make the point today to our whole team that every year it's like that.  You want to find out who the best players are.  You have an idea going in but you don't know.  We didn't know who Darrell Reed was last year.  We didn't know Josh Thomas was the year before.  I don't think people thought Cato June was going to be a Pro Bowl player.  We don't know who it is going to be and that's what training camp is all about."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on RB-Joseph Addai being ready for camp) Training Camp

"Well, we thought that was going to be the case.  The years I've been here, Bill and his group have pretty much done that.  You get that message to the young guys and tell them how important it is for them to be here."

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