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Player Quotes-Arrival Day

WR-ANTHONY GONZALEZ (on starting camp) Training Camp “It’s the reason why you train so hard, so that you can come in to a football team and hope to contribute.

WR-ANTHONY GONZALEZ (on starting camp) *Training Camp *

"It's the reason why you train so hard, so that you can come in to a football team and hope to contribute.  You know, be ready for camp and go through that whole gamut."  

WR-ANTHONY GONZALEZ (on starting the season) Training Camp

"This is the most fun part of the year for a football player.  Again, you work year round for something that really doesn't last too long.  You only get 16 weeks in the regular season and hopefully, playoffs, so you are really under the gun to make the best out of each performance.  That's what camp is all about really, fine tuning your skills so that when it comes game day you are ready to go."

WR-ANTHONY GONZALEZ (on his nerves) Training Camp

"I think the NFL does a really good job with the rookie camps and the mini camps and the off season programs of getting guys acclimated to their new teams.  It's a lot different when you go to college and you don't know anybody and you've never practiced with the team.  Coming from college to the NFL, the NFL does a really good job making sure you are all caught up."

WR-ANTHONY GONZALEZ (on the importance of being in camp on first day) Training Camp

"It was extremely important.  It was kind of the only instruction I gave my agent."


WR-ROY HALL (on the excitement of training camp) Training Camp

"Camp is always a fun time to bond with the guys.  It's a grind period.  I'm excited to be here.  I haven't been this excited for camp since I was a freshman in college.  It's a new experience, so I'm looking forward to it."

WR-ROY HALL (on what he expects at camp) Training Camp

"I expect to learn as much as I can.  I expect to try to earn the respect of the veterans.  I expect to go out there and perform pretty well. I've prepared myself mentally and physically for this moment and I just think we're going to go out here and get better as a team so we can go out this season and perform well."

WR-ROY HALL (on OTA's (On The field Activities)) Training Camp

"It helped a lot.  It allowed me to develop some sort of relationship with the quarterbacks and the other guys on the team, especially Peyton and trying learn what to expect from him.  I got a chance to see how he does things and how it really works around here.  So it helped a lot."

DT-ANTHONY MCFARLAND (on what he gets from training camp) Training Camp

"You always get more.  You always come and you learn, you start at the basics.  Even though this is my ninth season coming up, you always go back to square one and build your way up.  You are never going to start the way you finished, so you have to build yourself back up.  The first thing is to focus on the fundamentals of the game.  That's what we get started tomorrow."

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LB-GARY BRACKETT (on what the team wants to accomplish before the first preseason game) Training Camp

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