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Player Quotes 9/17/03

DE-RAHEEM BROCK (on facing Jacksonville) "You have to stop their running back (Fred Taylor). He's a good running back.

DE-RAHEEM BROCK (on facing Jacksonville)

"You have to stop their running back (Fred Taylor). He's a good running back. We played against them last year. We know how they play."

DB-NICK HARPER (on being in Tony Dungy's system for over a year)

"That extra year definitely helps. The more that you run something, it becomes part of you. Then, it becomes second nature."

WR-BRAD PYATT (on being in the NFL)

"It's amazing for me to be here, being in the locker room surrounded by Peyton (Manning), Marvin (Harrison) and Edgerrin (James). Every week, I try to make as many plays as I can. The coaches gave me a great chance, so I'm going to try to improve each week."

WR-BRAD PYATT (on returning kicks)

"It's trust in the scheme that we go through in practice and relying on my instinct. Once I see a hole, I just react. Sometimes, I don't even know what I do. I just go, and when I see a hole, I react."

LB-ROB MORRIS (on what quarterback the defense is planning against)

"The tape we look at is cut-up, so there is a little bit of both of them in there. Obviously, we need to prepare for (Mark) Brunell. He's a left-handed guy that likes to get out of the pocket. (Byron) Leftwich is a little bit different, but I'm sure the coaches will have some different play calls if we see both of them."

LB-ROB MORRIS (on the defense giving up 13 points in the first two games)

"We realize that we're off to a good start this year, but it only takes one game for all of those stats to go out the window. I think the most telling stat is the points, so if we can keep teams to a low point total, we'll be alright."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on playing the Jaguars)

"Their record is not showing how good they really are. They have a good defense. They had an opportunity to win their first game, so we can't overlook them. Their record is deceiving. We know it's going to be a dogfight."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on the Jaguars mentality coming to Indianapolis 0-2)

"Knowing that their record is 0-2, that's going to make them fight harder. We just have to do what we can do to win and play Colts football. If we take care of ourselves, everything else will be alright."

DT-LARRY TRIPPLETT (on former Colts and current Jaguar LB-Mike Peterson)

"Whenever you lose a player like that, of course you are going to miss him. The only thing you can hope for is to get guys to pick up where he left off. That's what we did with David Thornton."

DT- LARRY TRIPPLETT (on the Colts emotional leader on defense)

"Without a doubt, it's Marcus Washington. He's the soul of the defense. When we're tired, or don't want to do something, he's the one who says or does something to get everyone jumping around."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on playing the Jaguars)

"The record is kind of irrelevant. Tony (Dungy) pointed out that only one team that was 2-0 last year made the playoffs. It's a division game and it's at home. It's a big game for those reasons. Mike Peterson is a great football player who did a great job for us for five years. He'll be a factor this week."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the importance of the game)

"The fact that this is a division game is really the key here because of the way that the divisions are set up now. You have to win your division games. And you also want to defend your home turf."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the Jaguars defense)

"They've got such good players defensively. (Marcus) Stroud and (John) Henderson are two huge defensive tackles. They brought in Mike Peterson. They brought in Hugh Douglas, who is arguably the best defensive end over the last two or three years. (Tony) Brackens is now healthy. They have two aggressive corners who can play bump and run. I've always liked Donovin Darius, their safety. They have good players all the way across the board. It's a new system, so last year's films are kind of irrelevant to watch. It's tough from that standpoint, because in your division games, you get sort of a read on teams. With a new defensive coordinator, it's kind of like playing a brand new team."

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