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Player Quotes 9/10/03

SEPTEMBER 10, 2003 LB-DAVID THORNTON (on the upcoming game) “It is a challenge. They are a good football team.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2003

LB-DAVID THORNTON (on the upcoming game)

"It is a challenge. They are a good football team. We just have to go out and practice hard this week so we can execute on Sunday."

LB-DAVID THORNTON (on the play of the defense)

"We played well at times. We are confident. At the same time, we did some things penalty-wise that we know we can improve on. Hopefully, we can get that done this Sunday."

LB-ROB MORRIS (on defending against the Titans offense)

"First of all, you have to stop the running game and Eddie George. A guy like Steve McNair, he's going to get out of the pocket. He's going to make plays. He's a playmaker. You're not going to shut him down. We have to contain him a little bit and shut down the running game."

DE-CHAD BRATZKE (on RB-Eddie George)

"He looks like he's running the ball well. He's a guy that you have to contend with. McNair is a great athlete, and he's the guy that you have to stop, but you also need to be aware of Eddie George running the ball. He's a big, strong guy. You really have to wrap him up to get him down."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the home opener)

"It's a big game. It's our home opener, which is nice. We're playing the defending AFC South champions. All three of those things combined make it a huge game. It's a game that you want to come out and play well and win."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the Titans)

"They are a great team on both sides of the ball. They have an excellent defense. We certainly have our hands full there. We have not executed well in the past against them. We've done well at times, we just haven't done it for four quarters. It's going to be a close game, and I hope we have a chance to win."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on facing the Titans defense)

"They have really good players. The defensive line is very active. There are some real playmakers there. The linebackers can really run. (Keith) Bulluck is one of the top linebackers in the league. (Lance) Schulters and (Tank) Williams are two top safeties that are real active, and they have cover guys who can play. There really are no weaknesses there. It comes down to execution and running the ball."

DE-BRAD SCIOLI (on the importance of the Titans game)

"It is a big game because it's a team we know we are going to play twice

every year. They are a playoff team that went deep into the playoffs last year. It's a challenge for our team and it will be a good measuring stick for us."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on the fan noise)

"As an offensive player, you really don't want that (noise). We have to make a lot of calls. Last week in Cleveland we had to deal with that. You don't want to have to deal with that kind of stuff at home."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on playing each week)

"I just look forward to playing each week, since I'm healthy now. I just want to be able to do what I normally do. Last week we got a chance to play and every week it's getting better and better. Hopefully, everything will work out real good for us."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on Tennessee's defense)

"They (Tennessee) have a nice defense. They are a real physical team. We just have to make sure we take care of what we have to do as far as not making mistakes. If we take care of our responsibilities, everything else should take care of itself."

RB-EDGERRIN JAMES (on having the opportunity to score on offense)

"Anytime you don't score, you always go back and look at the film and you see a lot of opportunities that you missed. Then you have to wait a whole week to get back out there, so it's best to take advantage of every opportunity as an offense."

TE/FB-DALLAS CLARK (on playing at home this week)

"It's going to be great. Playing Tennessee is going to mean a lot and we're going to come out and show our fans what we can do."

TE/FB-DALLAS CLARK (on his impression of Tennessee)

"I'm a rookie here, so I don't know what happened here last year. I'm just getting bits and pieces here from coaches and players. It doesn't mean much to me because I'm fresh this year and I'm seeing them (Tennessee) for the first time. I'm just going to go out there and play my game. Everyone else is going to do the same thing. Last year was last year. It was a different team and a different time. We are going to go play our game and see what happens."

TE/FB-DALLAS CLARK (on the Titans)

"They (the Titans) are real sound fundamentally. They do everything you want your team to do. It's going to take us playing error-free football. It's going to be two great teams going at it, and it's going to be a great game."

TE/FB-DALLAS CLARK (on the game)

"It's a big game, but you don't want to try and put too much into one game. We still have 14 games to play after this one. It's a chance for us to go and prove ourselves and see where we go from there."

TE-MARCUS POLLARD (on this week)

"We'll have a great team in front of us in the Titans, and they have beaten us three times, so we have to play good football Sunday."

TE-MARCUS POLLARD (on the game Sunday against the Titans)

"This will be an opportunity for us to get on the field and play good football. It's a huge game for us. It's a division game and an opportunity for us to take first place in the division against a team we haven't beaten yet."

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