Player Quotes 1/15/04

PLAYER QUOTES1/15/04LB-DAVID THORNTON (on the status of the Colts defense heading into the New England game)“The Colts defense is headed in the right direction. We are very, very focused at this point of the season.

PLAYER QUOTES1/15/04LB-DAVID THORNTON (on the status of the Colts defense heading into the New England game)"The Colts defense is headed in the right direction. We are very, very focused at this point of the season. We are very prepared. Each day in practice guys are working real hard to be prepared for Sunday."LB-DAVID THORNTON (on Coach Tony Dungy's comments the defense missed too many tackles and gave up too many yards at Kansas City)"We played well at times but we weren't consistent. Consistency is the key to playing sound defense. Probably three or four plays is where they got their long runs. As a defensive unit we have to do those things better against New England."LB-DAVID THORNTON (on what must be done to improve the defensive effort at New England)"Just gap control. Everyone has to understand their assignment and execute it. When those things break down, big plays can happen as you saw in the past couple of games. Going against New England, everyone has to know his assignment on each down and do it well. If that happens, we will be fine."LB-DAVID THORNTON (on how the Colts' defense stacks up against the Patriots' offense)"New England is a very good football team. They are very competitive. Their offense executes very well. As a defensive unit we have to accept the challenge. We have to keep our offense on the field because we have guys who are very capable of making big plays." LB-DAVID THORNTON (on being satisfied when the Colts win even if the defense gives up big numbers)"As a defensive unit, you always want to do well. It is disappointing if the rushing yards are not in our favor. We can't get discouraged. We have to remain poised, we have to keep improving. We have to continue getting a better understanding of the scheme and be accountable."LB-DAVID THORNTON (on what New England quarterback Tom Brady brings to the table)"The first time we played New England this season he played extremely well. He is an extremely smart quarterback. He makes very sound decisions. He is a great leader for their group. As a defensive unit, we have to be sound in our play."LB-DAVID THORNTON (on the fact Brady has not thrown an interception at home this season and he makes few mistakes)"He doesn't. They play very well at home. They are well-coached. Brady is a sound decision maker. He makes good throws. We have to get pressure with our front four and play sound pass defense as well."LB-DAVID THORNTON (on what he remembers about the Colts' AFC championship game at Pittsburgh in the 1995 season)"I really don't remember anything. My football history is limited. The veteran guys around here – Chad Bratzke, Peyton and those guys – keep everyone focused. They let the younger guys like myself know the magnitude of this game. It is never promised it will come around again. We have to know that. We have to come out and play really hard."LB-DAVID THORNTON (on the perception New England does not have any super-stars)"They do have explosive players – Troy Brown, Deion Branch, Kevin Faulk. They can make big plays along with their leader Tom Brady. They are very well-coached. As I said before, they don't make very many mistakes. We have to create some turnovers, to force them into some situations where they make mistakes and get our offense on the field." LB-DAVID THORNTON (on drawing up a game plan against a team that has a running back by committee philosophy)"Our job is to do what we have been doing all year. If we do, everything will be fine."LB-DAVID THORNTON (on his memories of the first game this season against the Patriots)"I remember the entire game, not just the fourth-and-one stop at the end. They jumped on us early on and Tom Brady came out on fire. He completed some quick passes on us. Their special teams did well. Bethel Johnson had a couple of big returns. Kevin Faulk had some nice runs. At the end, when we had an opportunity to win, we feel just a little bit short. Knowing all of those things, we have a better idea of their game plan. Hopefully, we will be more prepared this Sunday."LB-DAVID THORNTON (on turnovers being a key in the game)"Clearly, it is a key to our defense. Every week we want to go out and create turnovers. We want to take away their running game and force them to be one-dimensional. Then, hopefully, Dwight (Freeney) and those other guys in the front four can do a good job pressuring the quarterback. Hopefully, our secondary can come up with some big plays because we are going to need them." LB-DAVID THORNTON (on the effect the predicted cold weather will have on the Colts)"The Patriots are going to be in the cold weather just like we are. We might wear sleeves. They might wear sleeves. Weather is not really a factor. It is about how well they play and how well we play."LB-DAVID THORNTON (on the mental preparation a player goes through before a big game such as the championship game)"Mentally, there are a lot of things that go into our preparation. Focus in practice, watching film. I think our defensive guys are even more focused knowing the magnitude of this game."DT-MONTAE REAGOR (on the effect the projected loss of Patriots' OG-Damien Woody will have on the New England offense)"I don't think it will affect it much. We know that Damien is a very good guy. He is one of their best linemen if not the best. We are not going to change our game plan. We have to approach it the same way." DT-MONTAE REAGOR (on what he remembers from the first New England game this season)"We have to play harder. We broke down in some areas defensively but we have those things corrected. We feel if we don't break down we can contain those guys and limit their big plays."DT-MONTAE REAGOR (on the mental preparation for the game)"You have to stay focused. You have to enjoy the moment, but you have to enjoy the moment after the moment. You have to be aware of the task at hand. Each guy here is doing a great job of that. You have to hone in on the game plan."DT-MONTAE REAGOR (on whether the predicted cold weather changes the way he prepares for Sunday)"Not at all. Both teams have to play in it. I am looking forward to it."WR-AARON MOOREHEAD (on his being ready to play if WR-Brandon Stokley is not available)"I am just working on learning my assignments. The game plan hasn't changed that much. I am making sure I am focused mentally. I want to know what I have to do if I go into the game. We are hoping that Brandon can play, but if not I will be ready to go. You can't complain about the possibility of getting playing time in a huge game such as this. I want to be ready to take advantage of my opportunity if it arises."WR-TROY WALTERS (on reports that the Colts are not tough because they did not score on fourth and goal from the 1-yard line in the first meeting)"We are just going out and play our style. I think our style is a physical style. That situation on the goal line, it wasn't that we weren't tougher than them. They just had an extra guy in the box and we couldn't run it." WR-TROY WALTERS (on assuming he will play more because WR-Brandon Stokley did not practice on Wednesday)"I have to right now. I have to prepare as if he is not going to play. I have to make sure I am ready. If he does play, that is great. We need him." WR-TROY WALTERS (on how a player mentally prepares for a big game)"I am trying to do the same thing as I would any other game. You don't to make the game too big and get caught up in all the hype."

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