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Philip Rivers 1-on-1: On Family Life, Old Battles With Colts, New Chapter

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Philip Rivers this week sat down for a 1-on-1 with’s Jeffrey Gorman. What did Rivers have to say about his move to Indy with his wife and nine kids, trying to be “forgiven” about past battles with the Colts, and what excites him most about his new opportunity?

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Colts quarterback Philip Rivers this week sat down for a 1-on-1 with's Jeffrey Gorman. What did Rivers have to say about his move to Indy with his wife and nine kids, trying to be "forgiven" about past battles with the Colts, and what excites him most about his new opportunity?

Here's that entire conversation, which you can also listen to above:

Having just moved to Indianapolis within the last week, what's your first impression of Central Indiana?

Rivers: "Shoot, it's been great. I tell you what: the people have been great. Very welcoming in our neighborhood. And it's been awesome. You know, the weather's been great, too, so that certainly helps. We'll brace for the winter ahead. But, no, it's been really good. We've been here a week and (are) getting settled in, and the family is excited. And obviously it's all still real new for us, so riding around, it's fun seeing new places and new stores and finding out where Target is where the grocery (store) is and all that stuff. But it's been a smooth transition so far."

How many of your nine kids, honestly, know that dad is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time?

Rivers: "Well, the younger ones certainly don't. And I would say some of the older ones would kind of roll their eyes a little bit at this point. They're kind of at that age. It's funny you mention that, it reminds me of … we were shooting the basketball and they were asking me about my basketball days, and I was bragging a little bit, trying to tell them I was a pretty good basketball player. And they did not want to hear it; they're like, 'You, dad? You were good at basketball?' So the teenagers are of that age; they like to kind of razz me a little more than they do give me any credit."

I've never heard one word about your ego in your NFL or collegiate career, and your teammates rave about you. And you also don't see Philip Rivers on commercials — why is that? What is that about you?

Rivers: "Well, shoot, I appreciate that. I do love being a teammate — and I feel like I've said that a bunch today; I know it's the first time hearing it here with you. But it's important to me to be one of the guys, and to be one of the pieces to the puzzle and to know that, shoot, we're all doing this thing together and how valuable each and every guy in that locker room is. So that is important to me. As far as (commercials), you know, I had a couple early in my career — you know, I had a Union Bank commercial, had a little autograph thing, a few little things here and there. I haven't had a ton of opportunities; I don't know if that's that whole West Coast thing or what. And a few things that did come up, you know, I kind of chose that it's not worth the four-hour flight. I mean, we just kind of keep things tight here with the family; I'm a homebody, so there's not a lot going on outside of faith, family and football. I know it comes off cliche, but it pretty much sums me up."

This interview is about you, but I need to take this opportunity to apologize to you from the heart, because I have dog-cussed you at least half a dozen times in the last 15 years for ripping my heart out, and the Colts' fans hearts out — I saw you blowing kisses to the Lucas Oil Stadium fans. And in 2000 down in Bloomington, you hung five TDs on the Indiana Hoosiers. So we're turning the page a little on Philip Rivers here:

Rivers: "I'm glad we can turn that page. I hope we can turn it, as well. Because as I've always said, all those interactions are really all in fun, and so now I'm hoping that I can be easily forgiven as well…

…Oh, you are — I'm telling you right now, you're forgiven:

Rivers: "I'm super excited. I'm telling you — and I know this would be one of those things that easily I could say and it not be true, I could be making this up — but I would always come home after playing in Indy and talk about what a great fanbase, intelligent crowd, knows when to cheer, knows not when to cheer, I see families everywhere. You know, grabbing a bite down there at St. Elmo's. I've always thought highly of this town and fanbase, so happy to now be on this side."

Tough question: was it the game-changers on offense — the running backs, tight ends, wide receivers — or was it the offensive line that drew you to the Colts?

Rivers: "Well, I have to be honest: all of it. All of it. All of it, and down to, shoot, the coaching staff and all the way to the top; Mr. Irsay, Chris Ballard and the whole way down. It's first-class. It's a first-class run organization. And much has been made of — and fair enough — the offensive line is awesome; I mean, there's no question that what those guys do, and obviously those five guys, all of them, being together the whole season, that played a big part — I know some of them probably battled through some injuries — but that plays a huge part where you can have that continuity. But I tell you what, and I know there was a lot of guys banged up in the skill group, so excited about the whole group starting back together, healthy. All of the above. All of the above; an opportunity, really, to be with a contender, and I could go on and on. I could go on and on. I think all of it. I'm super excited. I know we're all still 0-0 — it's easy to be excited when it's, right, from March to September, until (the season begins)."

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