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Philadelphia Quotes at Colts

HEAD COACH ANDY REID (Opening remarks) “All in all that was an embarrassing performance.

HEAD COACH ANDY REID (Opening remarks) * *

"All in all that was an embarrassing performance.  Way too many penalties.  Overall, I was disappointed in the play.  One, two and three, offensive, defense and special teams penalties.  Unacceptable."

HEAD COACH ANDY REID (on playing the first team throughout the first half)

"Donovan [McNabb] was going to come out the first quarter.  I wanted A.J. Feeley to get a chance to run with the first team."

HEAD COACH ANDY REID (On the long Colts TD pass)

"It was [miscommunication], I guess you could call it that."

HEAD COACH ANDY REID (on his surprise by the way his team played)

"That's unacceptable.  The way we played was unacceptable.  I'm not going to make excuses.  We did not play very well offensively, defensively, or on special teams.  They are paid to play and we are paid to coach and we all had to do better."

HEAD COACH ANDY REID (on Peyton Manning's performance vs. the Eagles in general)

"He does a nice job.  I'll leave it at that."


"He'll continue to work.  We'll see how he does next week.  He's been progressing but we'll see."

* *

QB-DONOVAN MCNABB (on his sense of how good the Eagles can be)

"Well, not really, going through training camp we are trying to find out most of the starting line-up isn't out there.  Guys are banged up- we just need guys to get healthy."

QB-DONOVAN MCNABB (on Coach Andy Reid's sentiments following the game)

"Well, you can't be.  You can't be- there are only two weeks left in the preseason and you've got to be ready for the regular season."

QB-DONOVAN MCNABB (on building chemistry)

"Well it [chemistry] has been going.  Ever since the first day I've felt offensively we have been doing a lot of great things in training camp.  We've been able to spread the ball around a bit.  Usually in the preseason you get to do that."

QB-DONOVAN MCNABB (on how he has helped Mike Vick get acclimated)

"I've got to get my game going.  I'm focused on what I need to do to get this offense going right now.  At this point, it's for all of us not just Mike but for all of us."

QB-DONOVAN MCNABB (on being eager to see Vick play)

"One thing you guys need to understand is this is his first game in two years.  If he plays well everyone will be all excited.  If he doesn't then they will say he hasn't played in two years.  Give the man a chance."

* *

WR-BRANDON GIBSON (on fighting for a roster spot)

"Offensively, I think (it's) what I'm coached to do, is go out there and make plays. I think the other stuff, playing on special teams, is where I have to make a big contribution. I did okay on a few of my special teams plays but one of them I got kind of held up. I think I played okay but I just want to keep being consistent in what I do."

WR-BRANDON GIBSON (on making the most of his opportunity)

"I just wanted to attack when the ball came to me. That was the biggest thing. They threw the ball my way a few times... I just wanted to keep fighting."

WR-BRANDON GIBSON (on his touchdown catch)

"The corner kind of jumped outside and released and (A.J. Feeley) kind of put it up there so I could make a play and I came down with it."

WR-DESEAN JACKSON (on the result of the game)

"You never want to lose, obviously. The Colts played a great game. We weren't really able to get out there and get it going like we really wanted to but kind of a slow start. They kept pulling away and the Colts just played a better game than us tonight."

WR-DESEAN JACKSON (on the Eagles health)

"We've got a lot of people banged up, hurt. We really don't have everybody out here, not to say that's an excuse or any other reason. We played against a great team. I don't know if that has anything to do with it but we just didn't play Eagle football tonight."

WR-DESEAN JACKSON (on whether Michael Vick has been a distraction)

"Vick coming to our team, we still had to work (and) we still had to practice. That's no big distraction... We still have to go out there and execute and win football games. We didn't do that tonight."

RB-ELDRA BUCKLEY (on having increased opportunities)

"Not playing that much shouldn't be an excuse. I should go out there every day and do what I'm supposed to do. That's what the coach asks of me and that's what I should do."

RB-ELDRA BUCKLEY (on whether he knew he was going to play with the second unit)

"I kind of knew after the last meeting. I got the opportunity and I made a few mistakes (which) I can't do. I've got to clean them up."

RB-ELDRA BUCKLEY (on struggling offensively)

"We're a football team. We've got to bounce back. We need to work on the mistakes that we made, clear up the penalties, clear up the turnovers. I fumbled one time. I have to clear it up... I just feel like there's so many areas that we can improve on. We have to go in on Sunday and do it."

CB-ASANTE SAMUEL(on Andy Reid conveying the message that in all phases the game was embarrassing)

"Obviously it didn't look good at all out there today.  It wasn't Eagle football, how we normally play, or how we are used to playing.  We definitely have to go back to the drawing board and get it right."

CB-ASANTE SAMUEL(on how it felt giving up a touchdown)

"I'm a competitor.  Anytime I get a ball caught on me I'm upset."

S-QUINTIN  MIKELL(on Andy Reid calling this performance embarrassing)

"I agree.  That was terrible.  That's not Eagle defense and that's not what we do around here.  Whenever you come out against a team like the Colts with a good offense you have to be ready to go.  We didn't come out ready."

S-QUINTIN MIKELL(on being surprised with the mistakes that are happening)

"There are no excuses.  I am a little surprised by some of the things we made mistakes on.  They are all correctable things.  We just have to refocus.  We have to sit down and say, "Look, we can't do that around here."  I think the guys get the point.  You just have to go back to work, get in the film room and really focus on our jobs."

C-JAMAAL JACKSON (on being worried that they don't know what they have on the offensive line because of all the injuries)

"I wouldn't say that I'm worried.  Me personally, I'm not going to say worry.  We just have to go out there with the guys that we have and get better with the guys that are playing.  You can't worry about the guys that are not here.  You want them here.  You want them out there because its five guys working as one and we need the time.  Especially in the preseason each game is important.  Unfortunately, circumstances don't have them here.  So, we have to do with what we got."

DE-VICTOR ABIAMIRI (on what is giving the defense the biggest problem so far)

"I think that it's a combination of everything. Guys have to, myself included, know their assignments and execute their assignments from the field. We have to step with the right foot; as well as, playing your technique and doing the right thing. The little things add up to big things."

DE-VICTOR ABIAMIRI (on getting ready for his role in the season)

"It was really good for me to go out there and get my feet wet. I haven't gone live up until tonight, because I missed all of training camp. So getting out there and getting some live hitting in was real good to establish a base to build on from there."

LT- KING DUNLAP (on moving on after the sack by Dwight Freeney)

"Definitely when that happened I know you have to have a short memory. I have to get back out there and keep blocking other guys that are out there."

LT- KING DUNLAP (on playing that in his mind to know what he could have done different)

"Yeah I did. I'm still kind of playing it right now. I wish I had a chance to get back at him, but you know he got me. You just got move on from it, learn from it, go back and watch the film and just correct the mistakes."

LT-KING DUNLAP (on looking forward to the challenge of going up against Dwight Freeney)

"Yes I was. I was actually looking forward to it. A lot of people probably thought I was real nervous and I was a little nervous, but he's one of the best defensive ends in the league and he's been doing it for years. You know he's been to the pro bowl and I was looking forward to the challenge, but he got the best of me this time."

LT-KING DUNLAP (on what kind of move did he do)

"It was a spin move and I just didn't use my technique. That's what happens when you don't use your technique. That's the biggest difference between college and the NFL. You have to be on top your game as far as technique goes."

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