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Peyton Manning Quotes

  QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if the altitude of Denver has any effect on the game Sunday) “I’ve played there a few times. I think you have to take preparations for it and certainly it’s something we do prepare for.


"I've played there a few times. I think you have to take preparations for it and certainly it's something we do prepare for. Our (strength and conditioning) coach, Jon Torine, gives us kind of a preparation sheet. You have to hydrate and prepare as if you're going to a hot climate because it is so dry. Like anything when you're going on the road, you factor it in and you prepare a certain way."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if this team feels like it is back on the right track after last week)

"It's probably too early to start talking about being back on track. I don't know if after week two you've identified a course quite yet. I think we are looking for some type of consistency. Sunday night's game was the kind of effort and execution that we're looking for. We did not have that in week one. A totally different game, a totally different opponent this week. I know we did practice much better last week and it carried onto the field. We're looking for that same kind of consistent week of practice as well this week, which hopefully translates into better play."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on what he expects from Denver)

"I think they are a good team. They have a new defensive coordinator, so it will be the second week in a row of playing somewhat of an unfamiliar defense because it's a new scheme, a lot of the same players from last year, but a new scheme. You never quite know how a team is going to play against you this early in the season, so there is a lot of unknown there."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the benefit of having one quarterback to build the team around)

"I don't know if I can speak to that, maybe someone else could, but I know how I feel about other positions where you've had one guy here the whole time. C-Jeff Saturday has kind of been the one center the whole time for me. WR-Reggie Wayne (has made 115 consecutive starts). He's kind of been that main left receiver with WR-Marvin (Harrison) for so long. I know when you have the same guy there everyday in practice, every day in games, what it does for me it just breeds confidence. You know where he is going to be and you know all the adjustments and different things he may do. TE-Dallas (Clark) has been that guy at tight end, (OT-Ryan) Diem at right tackle, so I think guys that are there every single day certainly allows for more continuity and confidence."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on him not taking his consecutive starts streak for granted)

"I guess I take some pride in it. Of course, I've had great protection throughout my time here. I like being there on Sundays, I like playing and I kind of hold my teammates accountable to be there for me and for the other guys on Sunday, therefore I want to be there for them."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on what it is like to see his team run the ball as much as they did against the Giants)

"It's a great feeling. It was really fun to watch. You hand off and you're supposed to be carrying out your fake, but when you all of the sudden see (RB-Joseph) Addai going for 10 yards, 15 yards, it's kind of hard not to watch. It's something that we would love to see on a consistent basis. I though he and RB-Donald (Brown) both ran so hard, but I thought the (offensive) line and tight ends and receivers did a great job of blocking for them and giving both of them holes. It's kind of that week-to-week, it was an excellent job in the run game on Sunday, but you want it to be a consistent thing and not an every other week thing."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on his job being easier when they can run the ball successfully)

"There's no question. It opens up so many things. It makes the quarterback's job easier. It makes the play-caller's job easier. You know you don't have to dial up creative ways to get yards and to get first downs when you're going first down, second down, first down with the same running play. It makes a lot of jobs easier."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on Denver having a veteran secondary)

"I don't think you can find a more experienced secondary. Like I said, it's a new defensive coordinator, but a lot of the same personnel. I think (CB-Champ) Bailey and (CB-André) Goodman are as solid a corner tandem as you can find and there's nothing Bailey hasn't seen. Goodman, I think, is in his ninth year, he's a veteran. (S-Brian) Dawkins has been around for a long time. There's a lot he has seen, and (S-Renaldo) Hill is a 10-year veteran at safety. A lot of experience there, you're not going to confuse them or trick them. They all still move real well. It's going to be a tough challenge getting open versus that secondary."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if it changes your approach when you know they've played against you before)

"I think you just have to be really on your game. You have to be accurate with the football. You have to run precise routes. I've always thought that a veteran group like that, if you make a mistake they are going to capitalize on it, and not with an incomplete pass, but with a good play for them. You have to be really on it. You can't have any mental errors and have to be accurate throwing the football and running good routes."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on QB-Kyle Orton and his ability to run the Denver offense)

"I know our defense will have a challenge against their offense. They are multiple formations. It's a complex offense. You have to have a bright guy like Orton to be able to handle that kind of offense. I know it's multiple formations, personnel groupings; our defense will have its hands full."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the Colts having success on the road in recent seasons and if you have to reestablish that every season)

"I definitely think you have to. Like I've said, what you've done in the past just doesn't carry much weight as far as this season. We want to establish ourselves as a good road team. We did not get off to a good start in that phase with the first game of the season. We're playing in one of the loudest, most hostile places in the NFL this week and playing against a good football team. It will be a great challenge, but to be a consistent team in this league, and to hopefully be one of the top teams, you have to be able to win on the road."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if he can appreciate how difficult it will be for Denver to get ready for a game this week)

"It's hard to put that in perspective. It's a terrible tragedy. My prayers and thoughts are with (Kenny) McKinley's family. It's hard to imagine what their players are going through."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on setting a career-high for pass attempts against Houston the first week and then the next week the offense runs the ball more than they ever have since he joined the team)

"I think definitely the way it went last week would be more of the goal; I think more run than pass, which I'd say has been pretty rare around here. But 26 pass attempts compared to 57, that usually means you're scoring more points and being more effective. The first game, throwing that many attempts means you're behind, means you're one-dimensional, so definitely something along the lines of the way we balanced it out against the Giants is what we're shooting for. The main thing is you're looking for that production, you're looking for those third-down conversions, which we need to do a better job of. We still haven't been as good there as we used to be, but we're looking at points ultimately."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the Colts' defense being better when it is playing with a lead)

"It's hard to say. It's never really something that we talk about. Coach Caldwell never tells us, 'Hey, you have to go get the lead. This is how the defense needs to play.' The idea is to try to win the game no matter what, to pick each other up. Certainly, when you do have the lead and a team is forced to pass it allows DE-Dwight (Freeney) and DE-Robert (Mathis) to do their thing, which I guess you want to do. The fact that we got a lead and the team is playing against the clock can always factor in, but I still think you have to be able to win a game without doing that, which we have done in the past, close games and coming from behind. Certainly the other night though, that was an ideal place for Dwight and Robert to work their magic."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on DE-Dwight Freeney and DE-Robert Mathis being able to take over a game)

"You've seen Dwight do it many a time, against Baltimore a couple years ago he had one of those special games. That's why he is the best in the business, and he and Robert together, it's a heck of a tandem."


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