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Peyton Manning Quotes

QB-Peyton Manning (on –short week and a regular season feel) “No, not with this as the second game. We are still in training camp mode.

QB-Peyton Manning (on –short week and a regular season feel) * *

"No, not with this as the second game. We are still in training camp mode. We are still going starters against starters and trying to improve. We have some injuries, so some young guys are in there playing. It is a chance for them to get some reps. It is not the time to simulate the short week. It is still training camp mode and there is still some work that we can get better with."

QB-Peyton Manning (on –rookies and road games)

"I think in the preseason it is always said, that you want to experience as many things as possible in the games. A road game, the crowd noise, all of those types of things, especially for those guys that will be playing, the more you can put them through in the preseason and in practice, out here in these scrimmages, the better served they are going to be. There is always going to be a change when it actually is the regular season. I have always said there are three different phases of football; preseason, regular season and then post-season. I think it will be a good test, and I don't really know what kind of crowd to expect up there in Toronto, but it will be good for those guys. "

QB-Peyton Manning (on –what trying to accomplish in second preseason game)

"I think we will play a little more I would imagine, based on what we have done in the past. We always play a little bit longer in this second game. I don't know who all is going to be available to play due to the injury situations. I'm sure some of that will be gauged on who's available and who's not available. I think you are looking for execution on offense, be able to convert your third downs, and convert your 3rd-and-1's, 4th-and-1's, score touchdowns in the red zones and certainly as a team we need to do a better job of protecting the ball."

QB-Peyton Manning (on –Tom Brandstater's development)

"He is working hard. He hasn't been here as long as the other guys have, but it looks like he has spent some time of his own in the classroom. I know like Curtis (Painter) and Tim (Hiller), the more repetitions he gets, the better off he'll be. This is a repetition offense. Learning in the classroom or the sidelines is one thing, but the more reps you get the better served you will be.  All the reps those guys can get in practice in these preseason games, those are very valuable."

QB-Peyton Manning (on –comparison of past training camps and productiveness)

"I think we are still in it. It is hard to compare them to other camps. Certainly the injury situation is present every single year, but there have been a number of guys that have missed the majority of this camp, which is tough to get timing with those guys. But it is an opportunity for younger guys to step in and that can play a pivotal role early in the season, potentially, but definitely late in the season. Some of these young guys, young lineman, and young tight ends got some work and you hope that pays off for you. You try to turn it into a positive. The guys have worked hard and that has been important. Hopefully we can keep doing that this week and really once we get back to Indianapolis, because we are not in the regular season yet. I still consider it training camp mode. It is football.  It is trying to get the Colts better. I think the more we can keep that mentality the better off we will be."

QB-Peyton Manning (on –change of the umpire to being behind the line now)

"I thought when (the first team offense) were in there it went pretty smooth. When the second group, or the third group maybe, ran a quick play I thought the umpire was pretty slow and gave the defense a chance to get set and make their calls. I know Bill (Polian) and Jim (Caldwell) are on top of it and evaluating it. I think we will continue to test it and see how it's going to work and how it will affect us and what adjustments. I am hoping we are willing to adjust some and they are willing to adjust some, too, so we can make it fit. It would be a shame if one team got penalized more than the other with this rule change. Hopefully, there is a happy medium in there somewhere."

QB-Peyton Manning (on –the Colts being that one team)

"Certainly in a two-minute offense, under two minutes in the first and second half, the umpire is going to go back to his original position behind the line of scrimmage. But for the most part, we are in some form of the two-minute for the entire game. So, how does that affect our offense, our flow and our timing? Our philosophy is that we are going to run our offense. We are going to do it the way we have been doing it and hopefully they can make some adjustments."

QB-Peyton Manning (on –this is how the umpire will definitely set up)

"What they told us when the officials came to meet with us in camp was it is still a work in progress. They made the commitment to make that switch to put him there, but I think they are going to have to factor in that we are going to get up there and be ready to play. Somehow, someway they have to find a way to make that work."

QB-Peyton Manning (on –the hurry up offense being an advantage to the Colts)

"A lot of teams do. I don't think we are the only team doing that. To me, maybe 15 years ago or maybe longer than that, 20 some years ago you said, 'O.K., the two-minute drill is run under two minutes,' but, now there is a lot of teams that run some form of the no-huddle. The Patriots do it and there are other teams that do it at different times and go no-huddle. It seems like to me that they did not quite factor that in to this change."

QB-Peyton Manning (on –having problems with the umpire switch on the 89-yard drive Sunday)

"We did not have any issues on that drive. I did think one time when the three's had a series in there and they ran a quick snap play, I thought it took a long time for the umpire to spot the ball and get out of the way. All that did was give the defense time to get set and then the element of surprise is lost. That is kind of what our concern is. I think they will continue to evaluate during the preseason."

QB-Peyton Manning (on –playing in Toronto as an expanding NFL base)

"I don't know a whole lot about it. I know the Dolphins played there in the regular season a couple of years ago and there may have been a game there last year. Like I was saying earlier, it is a good opportunity for our young guys to play on the road. We will be the visiting team so we will definitely face crowd noise and I think that is a good thing for all of our players."

QB-Peyton Manning (on –second year jump for Austin Collie)

"I think he has come in in good shape. He had a good offseason and he worked hard. He was here the whole time. He is in good shape. I think there is no question that a lot of guys can make big strides from their rookie year and their second year, especially ones who got to play a lot as a rookie. I know I can speak for that personally that you feel a lot better, more comfortable in the offense. And I am not speaking for him, but he sure looks like he feels that way. He is moving around and playing outside some. He is a guy that you want to have on the field some how, some way."

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