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Peyton Manning Quotes

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on how he approaches this week) “On the field, the idea is just to try to improve. You try to keep your fundamentals sharp.


"On the field, the idea is just to try to improve. You try to keep your fundamentals sharp. From a preparation standpoint, I think your theme is, 'How can the Colts get better?' Years ago, I stopped trying to play the guessing game as to who we're going to play, and who I think is going to win. I'm not very good at that. I look forward to watching the games this weekend. It's another week for us to improve. We're going to get some good work in. We're going to practice the whole week. We have a lot of guys out there, some guys that haven't been practicing that are back practicing, which is a positive. (We're) just trying to use this week to improve our team."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if he's promoting the idea that the Lucas Oil Stadium roof might be open for the Divisional Playoff Game)

"No, probably not. I don't think anybody would like that. It's good to be playing at home. We've been a good team here at home. Like I said, just waiting to see who we're going to play. I really have no idea. That's what makes this Wild Card Weekend always fun."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on what the first home playoff game at Lucas Oil Stadium will mean)

"Certainly, I think it's significant. I feel like with the new stadium we've continued a winning tradition. Our fans have certainly carried over their enthusiasm, and our players have taken the commitment to winning from the RCA Dome to Lucas Oil Stadium. I really didn't think about that until you said it. We sure would like to start it off on the right note."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on what is the most important lesson he has learned over the years about preparing for the playoffs)

"I can't really tell you that. I don't know if I have that answer off the top of my head. Obviously, I think it's important. Team-wise, you hope to have all your players available, everybody healthy, just try to have good weeks of preparation. We have two weeks. I think it's important to use this week for what it is, to kind of prepare to get your team better. Next week, prepare specifically for the upcoming opponent, whoever it may be. I do believe in preparation as a big part of it. I think today was a good start. Hopefully, we can keep that going the rest of the week."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on what he tells the rookies)

"I don't give a big talk to them. These rookies that we've had this year, I really feel they haven't been rookies for quite sometime because of what we've asked of them, (and) the amount of pressure we've put on them to come in and perform right away at a young age. I feel like they've kind of gotten over that hump a long time ago. These guys have played a lot of football. They've seen a lot of different types of situations. I feel they'll be ready to go. Everybody prepares in their own way from a mental standpoint, but on the field, the main thing is to take advantage of the on-the-field work and getting better. I thought today was a good start at that."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if practices this week are more physical or mental than they usually would be)

"I think the idea is both, be sharp from a physical standpoint and sharp mentally. You're looking for a lot of tempo, guys flying around. You're not out there for an extremely long period of time. We're practicing in the mornings, which is different. Coaches will use the afternoon to study film. Players will lift weights. But the idea is to get in and get out, and keep your mind and bodies fresh. The idea is to have crisp practices."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the running game)

"I guess the numbers are what they are. You can't try to argue against them, or what not. Certainly, we want to be effective in all phases of our offense. We want to be able to throw the ball effectively, run the ball effectively, you want to be good in the red zone, good on third-down. All the things you set out to do as an offense at the beginning of the regular season, you want to do those even better in the postseason. The idea is to try and be sharp in all phases of the offense."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if both RB-Joseph Addai and RB-Donald Brown are healthy, if they will be like Addai and RB-Dominic Rhodes in the 2006 Playoffs)

"I'd be all for that. I think all of us would. It is good to get Donald back healthy. He's had a couple of games since his injury. RB-Mike Hart has been making some good runs. RB-Chad (Simpson) can be in there. You never really know whose number can be called in the postseason. I think that is one thing that has been proven, certainly here, but amongst other teams, that there is always an opportunity for someone to step up and do something special. You never know who that's going to be. You never know when that opportunity is going to arise, but that's what makes it exciting. I think we have a lot of guys that could be that guy. You never know who it might be when it comes to the running game. All those guys are going to play a vital role here."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the Colts having never won a playoff game after receiving a first round bye)

"I don't really have an answer for you on that. I can't really give a summary of years past. I think this team has its own identity. It's its own year. Certainly, it's an opportunity next week to play a home game. Hopefully, we can play good enough to win. That's really all we're thinking about. I don't have an answer or a summary or a connection of any past years."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if he would see any benefit in bringing in a veteran quarterback)

"I probably would be the wrong guy to ask. I don't really get into that, those kinds of personnel decisions. My goal is to hopefully be out there for every play we have out there."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on his play this season)

"It's been a different season, like we've kind of said all along. It was a challenge and an opportunity for some of these young guys to step up and play. You never quite know how these guys are going to respond. A guy looks good in practice, (but) you never quite know how he's going to do on the field, or how he's going to do in his first night game, primetime game. It's kind of a first for everybody. But, boy, our young guys, I thought they really answered the bell all year, WR-Austin (Collie), WR-Pierre (Garcon), RB-Donald (Brown), OL-Kyle DeVan, that's just on offense. (DB-Jacob) Lacey, (DB-Jerraud) Powers, and (DB-Melvin) Bullitt stepped up filling in for DB-Bob (Sanders). I thought (DB-Antoine) Bethea took his game to a whole new level this year. I thought where there was opportunity - Coach Caldwell talks about picking up the bayonet. It's kind of a story that he used, but I think the team kind of followed that theme and guys seized the opportunity. For me, I've tried to seize the opportunity, as well. It's an opportunity to work with some new guys. We've done some good things. We've learned some things along the way. It's been a grind at times, but we've persevered through it. From that standpoint, it's been rewarding and satisfying. To win 14 games this year, if you had told me we were going to 14 games at the beginning of the season, I might not have believed you. So, it has been rewarding from a team standpoint because of what we have done. Anytime you see young guys coming in and playing, you get a good feeling about your team and the guys you have around you. Hopefully, we can keep it going."


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