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Peyton Manning National Conference Call Quotes

Q. Can you talk about the Ravens’ defense, what they've been able to do, the different looks they've been able to give teams? PEYTON MANNING: Well, they're an excellent defense.

Q. Can you talk about the Ravens' defense, what they've been able to do, the different looks they've been able to give teams?

PEYTON MANNING: Well, they're an excellent defense. They have excellent players to start with. I think that's really the key to all defenses – the personnel. Then to match that with really great schemes, a mix of coverages, the defensive looks that they give you.

It's a very difficult defense to move the ball and to score points against. It will be a great challenge on Sunday.

Q. As far as your experiences so far with the Ravens, you've played them three times in your career, what do you remember from those games, and can you take anything from those games?

PEYTON MANNING: Well, the defensive coordinator has changed in the couple times I played them. But some of the personnel has changed. Some of it's been the same.

Just, like I said, excellent players – guys that are flying around to the football. It's a very aggressive defense, really able to create a lot of turnovers. Like I said, it's always just a real challenge mentally and physically when you play against the Ravens' defense.

Q. When you look at Chris McAlister, Gary Baxter, Deion Sanders, will this be the best group of corners that you will play this season?

PEYTON MANNING: Very well could be. Like I said, I played against all those guys before, and they're all excellent cover corners. Match that with a good pass-rush, excellent safeties over the top like Ed Reed, just makes for an excellent combination.

Q. Was it hard watching tape this week and seeing what happened to your brother last week?

PEYTON MANNING: When I watch tape, I sort of take any kind of emotion out of it, whether it was me playing the year before or whoever's playing. I just sort of watch it from a very serious X and O standpoint, just trying to get a feel for the defensive looks that you're seeing, trying to put yourself in the situation, sort of try to play the game yourself on film. That's how I've always done it.

Q. Is this kind of like a perfect storm, going for the record on national television, kind of like a playoff atmosphere?

PEYTON MANNING: Like I said, it's going to be a great atmosphere because I think these are two excellent football teams. That's really all that I can concern myself with.

It's my third time playing against the Ravens. I've always known what a challenge it is. It will be the same this week. Like I said, it's always very difficult to move the ball against them. It's going to be a tough game. That's really all I can get into.

Q. Records are always made to be broken. You're sitting here two short of tying Dan Marino, and there's three games left. Does that itself kind of amaze you?

PEYTON MANNING: Well, obviously people have asked me about it quite a bit, especially in the past few weeks. The more I think about it, the more I'm just really impressed with what Marino did, especially in his second season. For him to throw 48 touchdowns in his second season, to come back two years later and throw 44... Obviously I've always had tremendous respect for him. Dan Marino has always been one of my favorite players.

Heck, I threw 29 touchdowns last year, and it felt like a lot. Here we have 46 right now, and it feels like a lot.

I've never taken it for granted. I still think it's hard to throw touchdowns. When you do, it makes you feel good about the work you've put into that week and into the off-season.

But obviously the thing about Marino's season that year was they were winning a lot of games. That's always been my sole purpose and my sole goal, to win games. Anything that comes along with that is nice. But the idea is to keep winning football games.

Q. We saw Brandon Stokley here in Baltimorewhen he played with us. What did you see with him when he became a free agent and what has he meant to your football team?

PEYTON MANNING: I've known Brandonfor a number of years. We're both from Louisiana. My dad and I and Eli, and my older brother have a football camp down in Louisiana. We've had it for 10 years now. Our counselors are made up of college and pro players, pro coaches and college coaches and Stokley has worked it every year since he was in college there, being with the Ravens. I've always gotten to throw to him in the summer at the camp. I've always had a really good relationship with him.

I remember just when he was in college, I was thinking it would be great to play with a guy like that. When I got to the Colts, I remember saying Brandon Stokley would be the ultimate slot receiver in this offense. Obviously, when he became a free agent, Bill Polian jumped on that opportunity. He's just been a perfect fit for our offense.

He and I, for whatever reason, just have no trouble developing timing. It's been a very easy transition. Some receivers, it takes a while to get that timing. Stokley and I, maybe because like I said, we've known each other for a long time, have thrown together every summer for 10 years now, it was a very easy transition. He's just done a heck of a job for us.

Q. Can you talk about Tom Moore's role in what goes on Sunday?

PEYTON MANNING: He's been the same offensive coordinator since I've been here the entire time. That's been a tremendous asset. I think it's pretty rare these days. Although I think the two kind of go together. If your quarterback's playing pretty decent, your coordinator will probably still be there. So Tom and I have always worked together.

I just really appreciate the trust he's put in me, and it's really grown each year, the freedom he's given me each year. I think the key is I don't abuse it, I don't take advantage of the trust that he has in me. Like I say, I'm just really appreciative of what he's done for my career, establishing me as an NFL quarterback and letting me grow each year.

Q. How big of a concern is Ed Reed, when you look downfield?

PEYTON MANNING: Well, like I said, he's an excellent player. I've gotten to know Ed a little bit. He's just got great ball skills. Some guys are just always around the football, whether it's tipped balls or fumbles. You know, that's Ed Reed. He's around the football, he's a real play-maker, and he's a guy you always have to account for.

Q. Do you feel your upcoming touchdown record, as far as statistics in general, are maybe less impressive because of all the rule changes and the (inaudible) contact of wide receivers compared to when Dan Marino played?

PEYTON MANNING: I do not. I really don't feel like the rule change has had any effect on our offense. I can't speak for other teams and for other quarterbacks.

We've always been a very aggressive, down-the-field offense, always been able to stretch defenses. We've always had success in the passing game. This year's really no different.

So, as far as my personal perspective, kind of the way I see things, kind of the way I feel there out on the field, I don't really see any change, to tell you the truth.

Q. Do you feel any different about the record if you don't get to the Super Bowl?

PEYTON MANNING: Like I said, guys, for me it's all about the team. I understand the record, this record chase has cre

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