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Peyton Manning Conference Call Quotes - Arizona

Conference call – Arizona vs. Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning 9/23/09   On who had the better comeback last week, him against the Dolphins or his brother Eli Manning against the Cowboys: “I tell you Eli’s was something to watch.

*Conference call – Arizona vs. Indianapolis *

Colts QB Peyton Manning


On who had the better comeback last week, him against the Dolphins or his brother Eli Manning against the Cowboys:

"I tell you Eli's was something to watch. They were playing in the opening of a new stadium so it was pretty hostile. We played in the opening of our stadium last year so I know. He said that stadium is something else and to go on the road and win that game in that kind of environment was pretty special. That gave me good inspiration going into our game. I saw how calm and cool Eli was down there in the clutch with some crucial third down conversions. Like I said that was good inspiration going into our game."

On if he was surprised they were able to pull off the win over the Dolphins with how little they possessed the ball:

"In the NFL there is different ways to win. Obviously that is not how you expect to win every single week but there is some truth in being efficient when you get the ball and trying to score touchdowns instead of field goals. Of course protecting the ball and we had one penalty on offense. Miami could certainly say they did all the right things to win also. It was about some guys making some critical plays at critical times. Of course (Pierre) Garcon had the winning touchdown but (Dallas) Clark had a huge game. I thought our offensive line protected well. Offensively there were some fundamental things that we did well, that we can certainly continue to build on. I know our defense is in for another tough challenge this week. Kurt (Warner) is coming off a huge game and of course those receivers  are something to watch."

On how much of his personal success comes before he gets to the line scrimmage whether it be studying film or when he is looking over the defense at the line of scrimmage:

"Preparation is certainly something I have always believed in. I take very seriously the mental part of it, the cerebral part of it, the scheme. Things happen so fast and there are so many changes. You are seeing different defensive coordinators and different schemes. You better be on top of the mental side of it so when you get out there you can be sure of your decisions and make what I have always called fast, quick decisions. Certainly you still have to go out and do it. You have to execute it and hit the throws but I have always been a big film study guy. A lot of communication during the week of practice like talking to the receivers, talking to the lineman and being on the same page. I have always believed that is important."

On how big of a challenge it is to play with great receivers in terms of keeping them happy by getting them the ball enough and having enough money to pay guys to keep an offense together like they have for so long:

"On the financial part of it, that has been (Bill) Polian's job. That is why he's one of the best if not the best in the business when it comes to keeping guys that are integral to this offense. I am sure that is always a challenge. I feel that we have the right kind of guys. We have guys that certainly want to have the ball but they want to have the ball because that is going help our team win. I certainly would not call them selfish guys. I would call them highly motivated guys that have a lot of confidence and want the ball in critical situations. Reggie Wayne wants the ball on the fourth-and-five of the two minute drill. He wants the ball every play because he knows he can make plays. He is confident in his ability and we know that also. We know that for us win we have to get Reggie the ball, we have to get Dallas Clark the ball so I think it goes hand in hand with our goals as well."

On what he thinks about QB Kurt Warner and how he compares himself with Warner:

"I certainly don't do the comparison game, but boy he just had an outstanding year last year. I didn't really get to see the game on Sunday. He was just red hot against Jacksonville on Sunday. He has been unbelievably productive throughout his career. Our defense will have their hands full with him and those receivers on Sunday."

On what he remembers his father, QB Archie Manning, telling him about former Colts QB Johnny Unitas:

"My dad grew up in Mississippi. He had his favorite players. A lot of times I heard him say that Charlie Conerly was one of his favorite players because he went to Ole Miss and of course was the quarterback for the Giants. I heard him say that two of his heroes were Mickey Mantle and Johnny Unitas. That kind of put it into perspective for me. The impact that Unitas had on a lot of people, of course a lot of football fans. The times that I was around Unitas, the few times, he was super nice to me. Of course being around some other people in the NFL who just talked about what the ultimate field general that Unitas was and one of the innovators of the timing passing game. He and Raymond Berry just working meticulously on their timing and their routes. As a quarterback, that is very inspiring. Even though I never saw him play, I understand the impact that he had, certainly on the Colts and the city of Baltimore, but also on all quarterbacks in the NFL."

On if he likes when the defense tries to guess what pre-snap checks he is making at the line of scrimmage:

"You got so much going on. You try to get a look at the defense and see if they're changing. When you change, sometimes the defense changes. It is tougher on the road because it is louder and there is a lot going on. I don't know if I have a preference one way or the other. It's full time. There's a lot on my plate every single play. It is kind of controlled chaos out there. It still comes down to the execution. You can make a great audible and check to this great play that is perfect versus this look but if you don't block or execute the pitch and catch it doesn't matter how good the play call was. It still comes down to the execution of it."

On if his continuous checks at the line of scrimmage can sometimes be a decoy to throw the defense off:

"Sure. Yeah. I guess I have gotten pretty tight-lipped about what we do and the scheme of it. I'll tell you it is a real credit to a lot of our players on offense. Everybody has to hear the calls and the checks. Jeff Saturday has to make his calls. Everyone has to communicate with one another. It takes a lot of concentration. There was one where there was a procedural penalty when our receiver wasn't on the line of scrimmage against Miami. But that one penalty down there in that environment is a credit to the guys for concentrating. That will be important this Sunday. It is going to be loud out there in Arizona. Everyone has to be really concentrating at their best."

On which of his commercials he likes best:

"It is hard to pick one. I have enjoyed the ones the most that I got to be in with my family or with Eli. The one for ESPN because everyone can kind of identify that kind of look from your dad that means you really screwed up and really got in trouble. We can all identify with that. Eli and I were kind of having fun with each other. I am in Indianapolis, Eli is in New York, my parents and my older brother Cooper live in New Orleans. We don't get to be together all that much anymore. The chances when we get to be together are probably the more enjoyable ones to do. I certainly know what my day job is. I do all of those in the offseason and they never come before football. I try to have fun with it. I don't take it too seriously. I'm just a meathead jock. I'm by no means an actor."

On what he thinks about the wildcat offense:

"It sure looked pretty good the other night. I know it is kind of the hot topic of debate, but it is still the execution of it. It is about basing the offense around the players that you have. When you have Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald and (Anquan) Boldin you are crazy not to let those guys do their things and go down the field and get the ball in those guys' hands. Now, (Ronnie) Brown and (Ricky) Williams, I mean Ronnie Brown is a special player. It is about using your players to the best of their abilities. I still think Miami's offense has to do a lot with the players that they have."

On if he feels like he knows what is going to happen before it happens on offense:

"It gets harder and harder. Even in our division, including ours, there are four different defensive coordinators. Everybody, when they play us they have a special package for us, especially in our division. They might save something. Every week presents a new challenge. Arizona is a team that we are not that familiar with. They have excellent players. They have multiple schemes. They play a three-four. They play four down. They play different fronts and all the different coverages. It is a lot to prepare for. I have always been taught, you prepare for what you think you might get and be prepared to adjust during the game. It is still what happens post snap. I think that is the most important thing."

On the busy offseason of head coach Tony Dungy stepping down among other happenings for the Colts:

"There was certainly a lot of change this offseason. I have had a coaching change before, but then you throw in Marvin Harrison not coming back. Probably the most significant change in my career thus far. Of course I'll be indebted to coach (Tony) Dungy forever for what he did for me as a player. For what he did for a lot of players both personally and professionally. Even though he is not here, his coaching principles still linger in our building. His presence is still felt. Of course Marvin. I will be indebted to Marvin for the rest of my life and what he has done for me as a quarterback. My first game in the preseason, my first pass, I threw a little five-yard slant route to Marvin Harrison and he ran 48 yards for a touchdown. I remember thinking, 'The NFL isn't that hard. You just have to throw the ball to Marvin Harrison and he runs for touchdowns.' That is pretty much what he did for 10 years. I will be indebted to him. But change is part of it and of course, there was some uncertainty there with (assistant coaches) Tom Moore and Howard Mudd. The reason there was this concern, somebody said 'I don't see what the big deal is, it's only June right now,' and that was kind of my point was that it was June and we had some uncertainty. I have always believed the reason we have won around here is because of the work we have done in March and April and May. June is kind of late. The offseason is where you work on your schemes, you work on your timing, and lifting and throwing. It was a little offseason of uncertainty but, coach (Jim) Caldwell got everybody on the same page. We certainly had good certainty and normalcy heading into training camp. Everything is on a normal day-to-day basis now. I think that consistency is important."

On if watching his brother Eli Manning win the Super Bowl here in Arizona in 2008 was one of the best experiences he has had as a spectator:

"Yeah, sure. I don't really get to attend many football games anymore. I used to see Eli (Manning) play once a year in high school when I would go back from Tennessee. I got to see him play about once a year at Ole Miss on a bye week. It is always special to watch him play on TV when I get a chance. Absolutely, that was one of the most enjoyable moments for me, for our entire family. I know it was for Eli. I couldn't have been prouder for Eli that night. I certainly was impressed and proud as a fellow quarterback the way he handled that game and of course that famous two-minute drive there at the end. The fact that I am related to him and I'm his brother made me even more proud. That was a special, special night. I will always have that memory."

On what he thinks about the noise that University of Tennessee Head Coach Lane Kiffin is making at his alma mater:

"I think it is certainly different from (former Tennessee head coach Phillip) Fulmer. They certainly have their differences. I think they are doing some good things. Hopefully they can get a win this week and get back in the win column. It is kind of like what we have gone through with the Colts. There has been change. Coach Fulmer and I are still very close. You always have a special bond with the coach that you played for. He recruited me. I have gotten to know coach (Lane) Kiffin. I am a big time supporter of the Vols. I watch them every chance that I get, so I am pulling hard for them."

On if he enjoys games where he gets to face off against another high-octane offense and quarterback:

"I think it makes it harder. It certainly puts a lot of pressure on yourself and your offense to score points because we know that we are going to need to score points. We know it is going to be tough to hold Arizona to field goals like we did with the Dolphins. This is an explosive offense. I think you certainly feel challenged in knowing that Kurt (Warner) and those guys are going to make a lot of plays. They definitely will put up some points. Our defense is going to have to do their best to solve that. Offensively, you feel the challenge knowing you have to score points, move the ball, and answer. It is tough going against this tough Arizona defense."

On what he thinks about QB Kurt Warner's record-breaking 24-of-26 performance in Week two:

"It is very impressive. Great accuracy. On the road down there in Jacksonville in their first home game. It is accuracy. It is great timing. It doesn't go under appreciated."

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