Peyton Manning Conference Call

Can you talk about your relationship with Tom Moore and what he’s meant to your development?   Tom’s meant a great deal. I will always be indebted to Tom for what he’s done for me and helping me establish my career.

*Can you talk about your relationship with Tom Moore and what he's meant to your development? *

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Tom's meant a great deal. I will always be indebted to Tom for what he's done for me and helping me establish my career. It's been the same offensive coordinator for the entire eight years that I've been here. We've grown together. The best thing that Tom and I have is 100 percent trust. That's very key between an offensive coordinator and a quarterback. He trusts me, I trust him. He certainly gives me a lot of freedom, but I think that I've earned that due to the time that he and I have spent together and the talks that we've had. He and I are on the same page. I appreciate the way he's let me grow and develop. He's stuck with me in my rookie year, playing every game and that has allowed me to grow as a quarterback.

Does he still tell his Iowastories?

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He's from the old school. I consider myself somewhat the same way, an old school guy. That's where he and I have that in common. He's definitely a loyal Hawkeye that's for sure.

Is there one guy that you key on with the Steelers defense, like TroyPolamalu?

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Their entire defense is excellent. They have playmakers all over the field. I think anytime you play against a good defense like that you're just trying to execute the best you can. In order to move the ball against these guys is tough. You've got to be able to block them in the run game and the pass game. It will be a real challenge.

Who will be your main read?

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Are you on the defensive staff of the Steelers? I can't tell you everything. [Troy]'s an excellent player. He's a very active guy. You see him making plays deep in the secondary on pass plays. You see him making plays against the quarterback. He's one of those guys that is just around the ball all the time which is impressive. They have a lot of guys like that. Joey Porter is outstanding as well. They play a lot of different people. They play 14 or 15 guys. Whoever is in there, they're just flying around the football. It's impressive to watch.

Where did you come up with the material for your commercials?

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Part of it was in the script. Part of it was a little bit of improvisation. The part about you're my favorite accountant is what people say to me all the time. I just try to relate it the other way. When people ask me for autographs, I kind of know what the standard questions are. I feel comfortable playing the other side of it. It's been fun. The fans are still what the game is all about. That's kind of a tribute to the fans. It's been a fun relationship. When you go on the road, people refer to that commercial and it brings you closer to the fans.

How did you put up 45 points against Cincinnatiwithout much production from Marvin Harrison?

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Marvin is a huge part of this offense. Anytime you play against a defense, the defense has to concern themselves with Marvin. He's got that big-play capability. He's one man-to-man coverage away from going to distance. The Cincinnati game was one of those cases where you never know who it's going to be in this offense. Everybody is a viable option on every single play. Dallas Clark really stepped up. Probably his best game as a Colt. That was huge. Reggie Wayne has been very consistent all season long. There's no question that we're always trying to the ball to Marvin because good t

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