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Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick 1/14/04

PATRIOTS HEAD COACH BILL BELICHICK CONFERENCE CALL 1/14/04 (on the impact the first game will have on this one) “I don’t think it will have too much.




(on the impact the first game will have on this one)

"I don't think it will have too much. I'm sure both teams will look at it to see what transpired, to look at some of the match-ups and that kind of thing, but I'm sure it will be a whole new experience this week, different play calls, different match-ups, adjustments from the first game and so forth."

(on OG-Damien Woody being out for the game)

"He's doubtful."

(on who would take his place if he's unable to play)

"Russ Hochstein finished the game last week against Tennessee."

(on what strikes you about QB-Peyton Manning and the Colts offense)

"Just the overall efficiency, I mean it's been awesome. They're scoring 40 points a game in the playoffs and don't have to punt, just moving the ball up and down the field. The execution levels are outstanding all the way across the board, the quarterback, the running back, the receivers, the tight ends and the offensive line. They're about as efficient as you could possibly be."

(on QB-Tom Brady's efficiency and his play at quarterback)

"I think Tom has a real good record as quarterback and he manages the game well. He's a strong competitor. He's back there and he does a good job of running the offense and managing the game conditions to try to get us out of the game with the most points."

(on why QB-Tom Brady plays so well in the playoffs)

"I think Tom (Brady) is a smart guy. He plays with good poise in pressure situations and he's shown that on a number of occasions."

(on some of the spectacular plays which WR-Marvin Harrison makes)

"I enjoy it a lot more when it's not against us. But yeah, he's a terrific, terrific receiver. He's got great moves, great hands, speed and quickness. He's a smart route runner and knows how to set defenders up. He's as good as there is."

(on the versatility of the Patriots offense)

"I think it's a huge weapon for them to be able to spread the ball around to a lot of different people and all of them have been productive, (Brandon) Stokley, (Reggie) Wayne, (Marvin) Harrison, (Troy) Walters, (Marcus) Pollard, and of course, the backs, (Edgerrin) James and (Dominic) Rhodes. There are just so many people you have to defend. They have a lot of weapons and (Peyton) Manning does a great job of not only getting the right play called, but even after the snap, finding the players that are open and what the soft spots of the defense are. He's utilizing all of his skilled players, so it's very hard to defend."

(on what's impressed you most about your team during your winning streak)

"We aren't really too concerned about the win streaks and all that, we kind of just look at it on a week to week basis and right now we're looking ahead to the challenge of the Colts and not really try to overanalyze too much what's happened in the past. Each of those games had its own individual match-ups, key plays and so forth, but we're really trying to move past that and look ahead to Indy."

(on this game featuring two of the best clutch kickers in the league)

"I don't know how you could leave them out of that conversation. They've proven it over and over and Mike (Vanderjagt) had a tremendous year. He made every kick. It's just perfection so yes, I think both of them are pretty good."

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