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COLTS PLAYER QUOTES WR-REGGIE WAYNE(On being on the cover of Sports Illustrated) 1-12-05 “It is great. I am enjoying it.


WR-REGGIE WAYNE(On being on the cover of Sports Illustrated) 1-12-05

"It is great. I am enjoying it. Hopefully I can live up to it."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(On the unusual happenings and unsung players becoming heroes in recent New Englandvictories over the Colts) 1-12-05

"That's just how the game goes. They always seem to make more plays than we do in the fourth quarter on top of us turning the ball over. Each time we played them, we seemed to make more mistakes than they did."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(On whether he could emulate New Englandwide receiver Troy Brown and also play defensive back) 1-12-05

"When I see him do it, it reminds me of when I was in high school playing safety and receiver at the same time. I tip my hat to him. It is a workload for him, but he is doing well with the situation."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(On whether New England's defensive success against Indianapolisis because of bizarre schemes or execution of basic Xs and Os) 1-12-05

"They just execute. They have a lot of guys who you don't know who they are, but they are doing a great job of doing their jobs. We have to go in and disrupt what they are doing."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(On whether he has made any special note concerning the absence of New England cornerbacks Ty Law and Tyrone Poole because of injuries) 1-12-05

"The guys who are playing are doing a great job. They are still winning. They finished the season 14-2."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(On why this Colts team is better than the team in the playoffs last season) 1-12-05

"One thing, offensively, we have been pretty healthy – especially our skill guys. The interior linemen have been banged up a little bit. We have guys who have been in the system that extra year."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(On keeping an eye on the weather report for Sunday) 1-12-05

"I know it is going to be cold. You don't see much sunshine in Bostonthis time of the year. If you expect the worst, it doesn't surprise you when the weather is bad."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(On his development as a receiver) 1-12-05

"When I was drafted there was a lot of pressure on me. People were saying the Colts needed defensive help and they were wondering why I was picked. My first year was kind of tough with injuries. My second year was almost my rookie year all over. I wanted to develop a relationship with Peyton (Manning) like Marvin (Harrison) has. It takes time and a lot of hard work. I am doing what I can do working with him in min-camp, training camp and summer school."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(On whether the officials are calling more penalties against pass defenders this year than last) 1-12-05

"I would hope they would. If not, just on to the next play. I was always taught if they hold you, they are going to win. I am not going to be the one worry and complain about someone holding me. It is my job not to let them do it."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(On what has impressed him the most about the Colts receiving corps this season) 1-12-05

"The consistency. Everybody has gone out and done their job every game. In this offense, at any time, it can be your time. The next week, you may catch one or two balls. It shows how much talent we have offensively. In previous years, we kind of knew when the ball was not coming our way. This year, the ball might be coming to you on plays where you used to be able to take a breather. Every one is running their routes full speed."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(On back shoulder passes from Peyton Manning) 1-12-05

"It is never a called play. It is always up to him. It is never something we talk about in the huddle. I just have to adjust to his ball. It is good I don't know about it. I can react late and the DB has little chance of reacting. It has been working for us. We will keep doing it until it doesn't work. We do a lot of things on the fly. We have guys who can make things happen on the fly."

TE-MARCUS POLLARD(On his memories of the 1995 game against New England) 1-12-05

"That was my rookie year. I don't remember a thing. I don't remember dressing for that game."

TE-MARCUS POLLARD(On memories of more recent games against New England) 1-12-05

"It is always tough between us and New England. They know us well. We know them pretty well. They have known us better than we've known them. This is another opportunity for us to win and keep advancing in the playoffs."

TE-MARCUS POLLARD(On whether losing to New Englandgets inside the players' heads after a while) 1-12-05

"Sometimes I guess it does, but that depends on who you are asking. Every game is different. Each season is different. Hopefully, we can rewrite history this year. They are a very well-coached team. They are a disciplined team. They make a lot of plays."

TE-MARCUS POLLARD(On whether he believes New England's defenders will be as physical with him this year as they were a year ago in the playoffs) 1-12-05

"I hope not. Hopefully, the officials will be calling them a little closer. If they call it fair, it will be great. Personally, I did not see a difference (between the way officials were calling interference and holding penalties on pass plays) between this year and last year. It doesn't get called much with tight ends. It gets a little more with wide receivers because they are on the edges. We have to find a way to not get held. We have to find a way to do our jobs."

TE-MARCUS POLLARD(On New Englandwide receiver Troy Brown playing on defense as well as offense) 1-12-05

"Troy Brown is a phenomenal athlete. He returns punts, he returns kickoffs, he plays offense, and he throws passes and now is playing defensive back. It is a credit to his athletic ability."

TE-MARCUS POLLARD(On the emphasis placed on the Xs and Os of New England's defensive scheme) 1-12-05

"It is going to come down to execution. We have to take care of the ball, be strong in the running game and when the ball is thrown to us, catch it and hang on to it."

TE-MARCUS POLLARD(On the feeling the Colts have beaten themselves the last couple of games against New England) 1-12-05

"They knocked us around, shook the ball out and we didn't do anything to help ourselves. We have had some unfortunate things happen to us. We just have to protect the ball better. We finished first (in the NFL) in the regular season this year in the giveaway-takeaway ratio. We have to keep doing what we have been doing."

TE-MARCUS POLLARD(On Head Coach Tony Dungy keeping the team on an even keel) 1-12-05

"We have taken on the personality of our coach. We didn't get real high on big wins and we didn't get real low on games we lost that we thought we should have won. He doesn't go up and down."

DT-LARRY TRIPPLETT(on if he was able to take anything from the first game) 1-12-05

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