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NY Giants Coach Tom Coughlin Conference Call

  HEAD COACH TOM COUGHLIN (on this being just another game) “I think we talked when this first came out (schedule) in the spring.  We talked about it then.

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HEAD COACH TOM COUGHLIN (on this being just another game)

"I think we talked when this first came out (schedule) in the spring.  We talked about it then.  It's a game, a really exciting game which of course is a media concept, no doubt.  It's a wonderful thing that is to start the regular season, but remember that it's really going to be the New York Giants against the Indianapolis Colts.  It's going to the offense of the Giants against the defense of the Colts and vice versa, how special teams come into play and how your team chooses to play their particular game.  I think that's where we are.  We talked about it again on Monday just to touch base again."

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HEAD COACH TOM COUGHLIN (on the Colts defensive front)

"They are very quick, very aggressive in their style of play.  Their entire defensive team is quick and aggressive.  That covers a lot of ground.  The hole stays open for a very short amount of time and the passing lanes stay open for a short amount of time."

HEAD COACH TOM COUGHLIN (on bringing his players back mentally after a playoff loss)

"It's just a concept drive to get better.  Nobody is happy when they lose the last game.  We were certainly aware of that here.  It's a difficult thing no matter what it is.  Not matter how many wins you have during the regular season.  Everyone refocuses and tries to build on their season and be motivated by what happened in the playoff game.  I'm sure that's the same for the Colts.  Of course you're always trying to evaluate your team in the off-season to make yourself better."

HEAD COACH TOM COUGHLIN (on players being hungrier than down after playoff loss)

"It takes a little bit of time but that is how you come back.  That is the position you arrive at by the time you get to training camp."

HEAD COACH TOM COUGHLIN (on approaching the Colts offensive system)

"You get to the point where you're studying the match-ups, which you're very aware of the system itself.  The philosophy behind it is and what the attempt is to move the ball."

HEAD COACH TOM COUGHLIN (on how the team recovered from last year's playoff loss)

"That's what I am talking about.  It was exactly the reference I made was about our team, that it is a difficult thing to lose the last game.  It is very frustrating.  There is anger, so on and so forth.  Sometimes there are some things are said that are not meant.  Then you have to come to the realization that you did do some pretty good things during the course of the year, let's build on that.  Let us not ever forget about that loss.  Let that loss motivate us in those times when we're gliding in training camp and when we're feeling pretty good about ourselves, let's think about that."

HEAD COACH TOM COUGHLIN (on Tiki Barber's improvement throughout his career)

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