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North/South All Star Game

For many Colts fans, showing team spirit means more than just putting on a jersey for game day. For Colleen Anderson, being a fan means supporting her favorite team all day, every day.


Colts Support Grange All Star Classic at Make It Personal Stop in Indianapolis

Colleen Anderson's home is a Colts sanctuary. Her in-home dedication to the Colts started innocently enough, with a few Colts souvenirs here and there, and has turned into a home completely dedicated to the Colts.

Colleen decided to show her love of the Colts by decorating her living room in Colts paraphernalia so she could be completely immersed in the Colts while watching games at home. Since she loves watching Colts games, she thought it was a great idea to be surrounded by the Colts while supporting them. Before long, her Colts living room became her Colts sanctuary, with nearly all of the decorations being Colts related. The living room contains several autographed footballs and jerseys, and the walls are covered in Colts posters and pictures. Colleen's furniture is blue leather, and a Colts lamp lights up the room. Her shelves hold Colts items such as the special edition Superbowl Coke cans.

There are traces of the Colts in every room of Colleen's home, and Colleen said she couldn't help but let her love of the Colts spill out into her home. Even Colleen's bathroom displays how big of a fan she is, and it contains Colts towels, posters, and other Colts items.

"People can always tell which house is mine," laughs Colleen. "One of my windows is a custom made stained glass picture of a Colts helmet that I got when I was in Tijuana, Mexico. I put it there so everyone who passes my house knows which team I support."

Even Colleen's cats have gotten into the spirit of supporting the Colts.

"I have two cats, and they both have Colts jerseys," said Colleen. "One of them will actually wear it!"

Colleen was excited to meet Colts defensive tackle Eric Foster and defensive back Marlin Jackson. She is always looking to add to her autograph collection, and says she will continue attending Colts events in hopes of getting every autograph she can. Colleen is looking forward to attending Colts Training Camp in Terre Haute in August.

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