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Big week around the NFL as teams open OTAs (Organized Team Activities) ... Read More


Colts Fans are gearing up for some Summer Football Fun!

The [2010 Make it Personal Schedule has been released.  Are you going?...

Some mycolts fans are trying to meet-up before, during, and/or after the **Colts Mini-Camp and Fan Open House Saturday, June 5, 2010 10:00 AM.




This year there were many draft choices for the colts that many people don't know much about. The Colts are very good at scouting and always seem to be able to find the right guy later in the draft that can come in and make a difference. The most...


Some of my crew and I have volunteered to stand as near as possible to the goal post on the WINDOW end of the Luke from 10:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.  Come meet us there if you can!!


Some successful teams have collected "renegade" players and done well.  (Raiders 1970's-1980's)  Others have achieved some success at a cost to their integrity.  I may be a bit intolerant...


Hey, another high powered talent from the University of Iowa.  He is Gary Brackets' backup.  What role do you feel he will play this year as he fits into the Colts defense?



Swenson needs more strength to be our No.1. I watched all the MSU games that Swenson has kicked and I love him, but his length was always a question...


There is a good possibility he will miss the entire season. He has had durability issues in the past and that was the main concern most teams had with picking him. I only hope it is not as bad as it sounds at this point and he can return to the team soon...


Bob Sanders is due $2.25 million this year, $5 million in 2011 and $7 million in 2012. But Bob has only played in eight games over the past two seasons...


I know a lot of you guys went to this last year after mini camp.  They don't land on the same day this year but some of the big names will be there again...


No, this isn't an official announcement about his contract but a statement he made by elementary-aged school kids at an award celebration...






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