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The Defending AFC Champions, Indianapolis Colts 2010 schedule** looks to be the toughest we can remember. What do you think?...Discussion Here

Which game are you most interested in? The "Manning Bowl"......the Colts Hosting the Cowboys?........Discussion Here

Now that the cards have been dealt, how should draft-master, Bill Polian play our first hand, a 31st first round pick?

This year, WE WANT IT ALL and it starts today! It's Draft day! Time to Log-in and check-in with YOUR thoughts on the 2010 Schedule and reactions to the draft.



Draft Day

As we all eagerly await Draft Day, I'm remembering last year. We were lucky enough to get to go to the Blue Crew with a lot of our mycolts friends to watch together as our picks were announced. I'm going to miss that this year as the NFL has seen...


Boring Draft May Just Be What the Indianapolis Colts Need

There are many questions that the majority of NFL fans will focus on between now and 2010 draft. Will the Rams end the suspense and draft Sam Bradford? Who will take a chance on Tim Tebow? How far will Dez Bryant tumble down the board because of his checkered...


NFL draft-part 3

I think there are 4 positions on the Colts team, that don't currently have at least an above average player. They are outside linebacker ( Wheeler) defensive tackle ( Muir and/or Johnson) guard (DeVan-Allerman) and offensive tackle ...


Reasons to draft from the SEC

I know other conferences produce great NFL players but does any other conference produce more than the SEC? I did some research just to find out what NFL players came out of the SEC and found out that they have produced a lot of high quality players...



Draft 2010: Will YOU be watching?

The  Defending AFC Champions, Indianapolis Colts have a 31 first round pick. Are you more or less interested in the draft than in years past? What are your draft-day plans?...


2010 Colts Schedule: The Pressure is ON

Is this the Colts toughest schedule of the decade? 4 road trips in the first six weeks of the season; back to back games against our traditionally toughest opponents in weeks 11 & 12; The final 4 weeks are division heavy...


Do you follow Football On Twitter?

The scoops come faster, and you can get information at a real-time pace. Draft Fans may want to check out NY Times NFL Blogger Sigmund Bloom's Twitter Guide to the NFL Draft...


Upper Deck Loses Bid for NFL Card License !!

Upper Deck announced that the company was unable to come to terms with NFL Properties and will not be producing NFL Properties licensed football cards in the current calendar year...


Lucas Oil named best Stadium

I thought I wouldn't like The Luke very much since The Dome held such a special place in my heart.  I've now been to The Luke four times and I love it...


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