Everyone who logs-in by Monday December 14 is entered into the drawing for the Broncos @ Colts game ball. What are you waiting for?



A Colts win this weekend sets a new NFL record for consecutive regular-season wins and clinches home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.  A win would also make the Broncos @ Colts game ball a genuine piece of NFL History.



Everyone who logs-in by Monday December 14 is entered into the drawingfor the Broncos @ Colts  game ball.  What are you waiting for?  Log-in** and take the Broncos @ Colts Game Ball Challenge.

Be sure to post during December!
Every 2009 Cred Point you earn is also an entry into our grand prize for the season:  An RCA 52" 120Hz LCD!.

While you are logged-in, post your blog entry about watching the Broncos @ Colts game. could just win you an  RCA 46" HD/LCD in our December contest.

This week's winners!


njf20000 two tickets to the Jets @ Colts game.


Napicatt the Titans @ Colts Game Ball.






It seems to me coach Caldwell is carving his own niche with this team and stressing to focus on 1 game at a time. There are still 4 tough games ahead and no games are a given in this league, example a. Raiders beating the Steelers. The media really bugs...


Hello Colts Fans, I think its time for all of us to do our part and get Robert Mathis into the PRO BOWL. The guy's motor never stops and he never misses a game. When Freeney goes down he is always there to pick up the slack. Seriously how do you vote...


(Received Monday, 12/07/09, afternoon via email...) Matt, Hey my name is Chris Bloxom and I am a producer for ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown. We saw your recent article in the paper about your devotion to the Colts and were hoping you would like to sit...


This weekend is going to be the game of all games in my family! The COLTS v. the Broncos! I hope we keep with our current mojo and come out on top! All my life, I was raised to believe that I should love the Broncos. This was fine with me when I was little...



Still can't believe the amount of success this team has had this decade. We are some pretty lucky fans!


I read an article that has me thinking maybe we don't need to worry so much about whether our players will be rested or not as the regular season winds down...


What do Colt Fans ask for Christmas? Besides a Super Bowl Championship, what would you want?


Steelers LOSE to Oakland!! Patriots LOSE to Miami!!!! COLTS WIN!!!


The Barnes family of Marion Indiana Is one of the eight semi-finalists in the...


Are you, or do you know someone who watches the game from an unusual location?




Families for Colts
Blog: Get Ready
When was the last time your entire family watched the game together? It is more fun with people screaming with you!


Blog: Making Colts Bird Toys
During the Yule Holiday I always make new toys and perches for our flock of birds. Right now I am trying to figure out how to make them...




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