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Happy Thanksgiving! We're thankful for the company of all the great Colts fans on! Football is more fun with friends and family!



Happy Thanksgiving! We're thankful for the company of all the great Colts fans on! Football is more fun with friends and family!

This is the week RCA gives that 42" HD LCD Away!


There is still time to enter to win but, don't delay. Log in now and post a blog about watching the Colts win on television this season. We're looking forward to hearing your story! (helpful hints here, official rules here). Enter by Nov 29th!


Enter to win the Colts @ Texans game ball! The more @ Texans Game Ball Challenge points you have by 11/30/09 the greater your chances (click here for details)!

This Week's Winners!


Colts @ Ravens Game Ball






What are you thankful for?

I would like all of you to get invloved and share what you are thankful for. I will go first. I am thankful for a loving family and great friends. I am thankful for having a job in this messed up world and for my two best friends who are or were recently...


Week 12

As I look at week 12, I see Houston. A team we beat by a fieldgoal. We go to Houston instead of home. There is some areas we certainly need work on: 1. We need to execute. Catch the catchable balls. 2. Establish more of a run game to open up play-action...


Colts Defense Wins the Game

How often have we said that as Colts fans? The Colts Defense is doing the job and not getting the credit they are due. A review of the stats after week 10 has the Colts Defense is ranked 15th overall. But let us break that down. This ranking is based...



Breathless. That’s how I feel after the last 2 weeks. First the comeback win when most teams would’ve been beaten, and then hanging on in Baltimore. I remember the question four weeks ago - which game would be the closest, and it turns...


I Just Believe

I point out the positives of our COLTS team. I don't think that they are like the greatest that ever was or will be or something. It just gives some credit where I feel credit is due. And I don't know that we will go all the way this year. I Just...




Hayden and Gonzo to have limited practice this week
Coach Caldwell said they both may practice this week but are not expected to play until week 13 against the Titans.


A day in the life of a Colts fan.....
WARNING!!! This is being done out of pure boredom and may not make any sense whatsoever...


"the Blind Side"
A very inspirational movie... you know, one of those kinds that make you feel like you haven't done enough with you life, with an L on my forehead!


No Way! A Colts Snuggie or what ever they call them
You know what I want one!!! LOL ...I'll wear a colts snuggie right now!


What effect will Houston's loss have on the Houston vs Colts game this Sunday?
Do you think their confidence is shot or do you think it will make them rally?  What about the kicker's psyche?




**Mathis Mania**
Blog: Robert Mathis Stats and Photos: Colts at Ravens: Week 11!
Well, it was another decent day for the Colts all around, but yet again, for the 2nd straight game, Freeney was shut down basically the whole game. Aside from Freeney, Mathis had really nothing when it comes to stats. Now, of course...


**Jeffro's Parties**
Blog: My Colts Party Nov. 29th is back on!!! Sorry!!
They have just changed the T.V. scheduling here and the Colts vs. Houston will be aired here in this area! Geeze!! My Colts Party at the New Albany Boat Club is back on!! Please help me spread the word!! This is solid now, no worries...





This picture made! Giving Poe the dirty bird a hard time All I want is another Super Bowl ring Santa!

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