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MYCOLTS.NET SITE NEWS - We are remodeling!



Over the past three seasons, we have made lots of friends and had a lot of fun. And also over this time we've heard suggestions from the community. You've told us about things you like, and things you'd like to change. You know we take your comments to heart.

That is why, beginning 4/1/10, we are doing some major remodeling...and to do it right, we MAY need to go offline for a few weeks. We are trying to avoid going off the grid and will let you know as soon as possible. In the mean time, as a precaution, please be sure that you have back-ups for your entries (if you want to ensure you have a copy).

Our community will continue getting better - and we'll keep making improvements - as long as you keep letting us know what you think. We're in this together for the long haul!



What If?

When you go 14-2 its kind of hard to second guess Polian and roster changes. I don`t like to use the term "what if" but it keeps coming to mind. Polian is now saying they are changing the mold of the offensive line into a bigger unit. The same...


Offensive Line Overhaul?

Well it looks like I was right... Indy is completely changing the face of the offensive line. Ryan Lilja was cut today and Federkiel and DeVan are as good as gone, as well as michael todouze. With the signing of Andy Alleman it proves that the colts are...


Free agency-we pay for it

I dunno, but the way I see it free agency was started as a way to get more of the profit the team generates into the hands of the players doing all the work, I don't think its working out that way. Ticket prices have been rising since 1993 when free...



Now The Deal Is Done!!! Brackett Gets 5 Years.

Everyone wanted Gary to stay and he is back.  This is good news and now BP can work on the other free...


Backup QB

Everyone will see Curtis this spring and see what he is able to do then.  He was really thrown to the wolves this past fall without enough preparation for the situation...


4 Teams interested in Bethea

The jets, Dolphins, Redskins, and Dallas all showing interest in the Bethea. There were five teams but the Giants actually signed Rolle from the Cards...


Colts sign DE J.D. Skolnitsky

According to PFT He was recently cut by the Redskins, who picked him up in 2009 after being...


Colts Sign OG Andy Alleman! Sounds like, the Colts have signed a former Chiefs OG. I haven't heard of him before, but it sounds like he started in 3 games this past season...


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