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Monday Morning Post-Practice Quotes

  PRESIDENT-BILL POLIAN (on the decision to place Tony Ugoh at left tackle) Training Camp “Well, we drafted him to play that position.

PRESIDENT-BILL POLIAN (on the decision to place Tony Ugoh at left tackle) Training Camp

"Well, we drafted him to play that position.  We think he will be okay.  Charlie (Johnson) will get some work there, Dan Federkeil will get some work there and when we arrive at the end of preseason, we will have the best five out there, I am certain of that.  That's where we will go."

* *

PRESIDENT-BILL POLIAN (on the makeup of the roster) Training Camp

"Yes, I am excited.  I am excited about what I saw this morning.  You always want to see them in pads.  As Bill Cowher said, 'If you picked them in shorts, you would pick the Olympic team,' but that's not how we play.  They looked good.  It was good to see some young guys out there, and some ones that were surprises.  That's always the case.  Camp is a fun time as is the preseason.  That is when you build your team."

* *

PRESIDENT-BILL POLIAN (on the options for Corey Simon if he passes his physical) Training Camp

"If he passed, our options would be to release him or keep him on the active roster.  I have no idea what the doctors will say.  We are waiting on their interpretation of some test results."

PRESIDENT-BILL POLIAN (on if there is anything he really wants to see) Training Camp

"No, I watch the continuum.  There are some guys that look good today.  Are they going to look good this afternoon?  Are they going to look good tomorrow?  What you like to see is players continue to improve over the course of the preseason.  Usually the ones that are going to be of help to you, their graph goes up.  That's what you look for.  It's a continuum.  It's not a one-day, single window look.  It's a look at the big picture."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on the first day) Training Camp

"We had quite a few fans out here, so that was nice to see.  But more than anything, just getting back to the routine, getting back into some contact.  I thought our guys came in with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, just the way we had hoped.  It was a good first day all the way around."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on the loss of Tarik Glenn) Training Camp

"I talked to the team last night and we lost some guys last year in free agency: Edgerrin James, Larry Tripplett, David Thornton.  We lost some guys during the season: Montae Reagor had a car accident, Corey Simon had an illness, Brandon Stokley had an achilles tendon during the season.  We lost Ryan Diem and Nick Harper in the Super Bowl, so that's what football is all about and you would love to have every player all year, no injuries, no problems.  It doesn't happen that way.  We were able to overcome it last year and we have a lot of guys here in camp that will work, and last year at this time, nobody knew who Charlie Johnson was.  A few people knew who Joseph Addai was, and we got Anthony McFarland in mid-season.  So our guys come from everywhere, from within the system and from without.  We will make due."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on his feelings on left tackle position) Training Camp

"I think we're going to be fine.

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