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Marvin Harrison Quotes

WR-MARVIN HARRISON(on what it means to him to be able to say ‘He’s going to be a Colt for life’) 12/9/04 “It just means that the dedication that’s been put forth by myself and the team, that it’s been a long-lasting relationship since I came here in 1996 and that it’s always good to start somewhere

WR-MARVIN HARRISON(on what it means to him to be able to say 'He's going to be a Colt for life') 12/9/04

"It just means that the dedication that's been put forth by myself and the team, that it's been a long-lasting relationship since I came here in 1996 and that it's always good to start somewhere and finish it at the same place, because all of your energy and effort has gone into so much over the years that you want to play as long as you can at the same place. So, I'm happy about being here."

WR-MARVIN HARRISON(on if he can imagine a better situation) 12/9/04

"You take all of those things into account, as a player and as a person. You have a dedicated owner (Jim Irsay), a general manager (Bill Polian), a head coach (Tony Dungy), the offensive coordinator (Tom Moore), who has helped me tremendously throughout my career…you, put all of those things into account and you see what you have around here. Our facilities and the city, itself, and the fans…they make me smile, too, when I come out on gameday. It's all a great thing, as a whole. It's a great package to be a part of."

WR-MARVIN HARRISON(on if he ever imagined Indianapoliswould be home when he showed up nine years ago) 12/9/04

"You don't think that far ahead. You don't know what's going to happen, or how things will unfold. But to come here, like I said, in 1996, I came here and gave it my all and every year after that. And I want to continue to do that."

WR-MARVIN HARRISON(on getting his contract done now as opposed to testing free agency) 12/9/04

"Well, it wasn't only on my behalf. It was on the ownership's behalf and the management's behalf to get it done, before it gets too late. I think overall, we just got it done and got it out of the way so we can look forward and concentrate on the goals that we've all set forth to do, and that's to get as far as we can get in the playoffs and win a lot of games."

WR-MARVIN HARRISON(on if it was particularly important to him to get his contract done before the post-season) 12/9/04

"I didn't really put a lot of thought into it. I didn't really think about it much at all. Even when I was asked about it before, I never…like I said, I just go out there and play hard and know that good things are going to happen. I never really put any emphasis on when, or whether sooner or later."

WR-MARVIN HARRISON(on wanting RB-Edgerrin James back next year) 12/9/04

"Definitely. Edgerrin's been a great part of my success, and he's been a great part of my support all year and through our career. Like I said, when you talk about Edgerrin, you make me smile. That's my partner in crime, and hopefully we can do the best we can to get Edgerrin here also."

WR-MARVIN HARRISON(on calling one place home for his entire career) 12/9/04

"Like I said, when a team drafts you out of college, that means from day one they have a lot of confidence in you and they believe in you as a person and as an athlete. So, to be able to stick with this team that believed in me from day one, to be able to play my entire career here, just shows that they were dedicated to me early on and I'll finish it off right here."

WR-MARVIN HARRISON(on if he wants to catch QB-Peyton Manning's 48th or 49th TD pass) 12/9/04

"I'm willing to catch them all. If it happens, I'll catch them all. I think the situation that Peyton's in right now is a great thing, not only for the community, but for himself, and he deserves everything he's getting. So, we're just looking forward to going out there and winning as many games as we can and putting up as many points, also."

WR-MARVIN HARRISON(on what WR-Jerry Rice said to him prior to the Oaklandgame) 12/9/04

"Just basically as a person and as a player, that he appreciated everything that I have done for the game, and that I'm going to continue to be good, continue to do what I'm doing, that's work hard, and good things will happen for me. And that for me to be compared to him, he wouldn't want to see any other person to be mentioned with him than me."

WR-MARVIN HARRISON(on what he said in return to WR-Jerry Rice after his kind comments) 12/9/04

"I said basically, 'You're the best receiver to ever play the game, and I thank you and hopefully I can be half as good as you, and I can be in your situation later on."

WR-MARVIN HARRISON(on if him signing a long-term contract extends the Colts' window or they feel like they have to win the Super Bowl this season) 12/9/04

"It definitely puts us in a situation where, like I said, we came here to win the big game. But obviously, if we can win it this year or next year, it gives me more of an opportunity to win it multiple times. So, I'm just going to take it for what it's worth right now and try to get this season where it needs to be."

WR-MARVIN HARRISON(on if he welcomes the opportunity to go through New Englandin the playoffs) 12/9/04

"Definitely. If you're going into the playoffs, you have to go in with a lot of confidence. Our belief is that there's not a team that you're not going to want to play against. You want to go in there and play whoever's the best team out there and win as many games as you can. So, there's not a preference of who we play, it doesn't really matter. We just have to go out there and play the best we can play."

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