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Make it Personal Tour stops in Greencastle

The Indianapolis Colts traveled to Greencastle on Tuesday, July 14 to Make It Personal with fans.


Colts Host Make It Personal Event in Greencastle

There is no doubt about it, SuperBowl XLI is definitely a favorite moment among Colts fans. Although for some fans, it is more than a defining moment, it is an inspiration.

Standing in line to meet Colts defensive tackle Ed Johnson and defensive back Jamie Silva at Tuesday's Make It Personal stop in Greencastle, nine year old Braden recounted his story about watching the Colts win the Championship title against the Bears during the legendary SuperBowl XLI. Braden was inspired by the win, and vowed to be the best football player he could be so that maybe one day he too could play in a SuperBowl.

Braden, a defensive tackle for the Greencastle's youth football team Greencastle Purple, brings his all to each game he plays. He began playing when he was in kindergarten on the Greencastle flag football league so he could learn how to properly play the game.

"I felt like it was important to put Braden in a flag football league before he started playing full contact football," said Braden's mother. "I wanted him to know the form and the rules of the game before he began to play seriously."

The hard work Braden put into learning the game paid off. In 2008, Braden's team went to the Greencastle SuperBowl, a championship game played by the best two teams in the league. The game ended with a tied score, and moved into overtime. Braden was nervous, and the game was tough, but he saw an opportunity and took it.

"We had just scored, so we were ahead, but the other team was about to score," said Braden. "I saw my opportunity. I saw the guy with the ball running towards me, and I tackled him and the game was over! I won the game for my team!"

Braden was thrilled at his play, as was his coach.

"My coach was so worried as he watched the play," said Braden. "He was holding his arms up and then jumped up and down when I made the tackle."

Making the winning play in the Greencastle SuperBowl inspired Braden to be like his idols on the Colts.

"It felt amazing to win the SuperBowl!" said Braden. "Even if it was just for my youth football team, it was awesome and I want to experience the real thing one day."

Braden is well on his way to being an outstanding player. For the past two years, his outstanding performances at games have earned him full ride scholarships to play youth football for Greencastle. Braden was also chosen to play on Greencastle's All Star team as a third grader, an honor which is usually reserved for fourth and fifth graders.

Braden's mother is looking forward to watching Braden grow as a player, and knows she will see great things from him in the future.

"I want him to go all the way," she said. "He has the talent and the will to be a great player, and I'm looking forward to see what he accomplishes."

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