Last Stop of the Summer

The Indianapolis Colts wrapped up the summer 2009 Make It Personal tour at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair in Goshen on Tuesday.


Colts Wrap Up Make It Personal Tour in Goshen

Joe Quraishi walked away from Tuesday's Make It Personal stop a happy fan. Joe had just met Colts tight end Jamie Petrowski and offensive tackle Corey Hilliard, and was looking forward to adding the autographs to his collection.

The basement in Joe's Mishawaka home houses his ever growing Colts collection, and he has upwards of three hundred Colts items. His collection includes jerseys, footballs, photographs, playing cards, helmets, and just about anything Colts that one can imagine. Of the items, Joe says his favorite is a helmet autographed by Peyton Manning.

Joe became a Colts fan in 1998, the year Peyton was drafted to the NFL. Joe used to be a Tennessee fan, and enjoyed watching Peyton play in college, so he decided to follow Peyton's career when he became a part of the Colts team.

"It's crazy," said Joe. "I didn't used to be an NFL fan, and now I can't get enough of it! I get so caught up in the games and it makes my entire week when they win."

The basement of Joe's house is proof that he really can't get enough of the Colts. On top of all of his items, Joe has plans to wallpaper his entire basement in photographs that he has taken at Colts games and events. He wants to showcase every picture he has taken so he can remember all of the good times he has had with the Colts.

"I try to take as many pictures at events as I can," said Joe. "I want to remember everything, and I want to have everyone who comes into my basement to be able to see all of the great things the Colts have done."

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