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Kentland Make It Personal Tour

On Wednesday, June 17th, the Indianapolis Colts traveled to Kentland, Indiana, for a Make It Personal stop. Hundreds of fans came out for the event, and were excited to meet Colts players Lance Ball and Roy Hall.


Indianapolis Colts Travel to Kentland to Make It Personal with Fans

Living in a state other than Indiana, it is easy to see how a Colts fan could be outnumbered by friends who support different teams. 14-year-old Heath of Bourbonnais, Illionis, knows how it feels to be surrounded by fans of a different team.

While waiting in line to meet players Roy Hall and Lance Ball at Wednesday's Make It Personal stop in Kentland, Heath talked about being outnumbered by his friends and family, who, with the exception of his parents, are all fans of the Chicago Bears. However outnumbered he may be, Heath believes that being the minority is no reason to not support your favorite team.

"When the Colts and the Bears played in the Superbowl, I told everyone that the Colts were going to win, and the Bears were going to lose," said Heath.

"They all gave me a hard time about it, but when the Colts won the Superbowl, I said, 'I told you so!'"

Most of Heath's extended family is from Illinois, and are supporters of the Bears. Heath doesn't mind though, he still wears his Peyton Manning jersey and his Colts hat to watch all of the games.

"Heath wears his Colts hat all the time," said Heath's mother, laughing. "He even sleeps in it!"

Heath has been a Colts fan for his entire life, and he has always believed in the team, even when his family didn't. He says it is difficult to live in an area where he is so outnumbered, but he is loyal to his team and won't be persuaded by fans of other teams.

Heath is not the only fan who has a family that is divided by team loyalties. Austin, 9, and Hayden, 7, of Kentland, Indiana, can sympathize with Heath.

"Our younger sister is a huge Vikings fan," said Austin.

Austin's mom agreed, saying "All she wanted for Christmas was a Vikings outfit! We don't know how she got to be a Vikings fan."

Heath, Austin, and Hayden were all excited to meet Hall and Ball on Wednesday. They are all looking forward to football season to begin, and can't wait to cheer on their favorite Colts players this fall.

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