Kansas City Conference Calls

  HEAD COACH HERM EDWARDS (on the up-and-down start and how the team has progressed or not progressed) “Defensively, we’ve improved some from last year, and offensively, we’re struggling.  There’s no doubt about it.

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HEAD COACH HERM EDWARDS (on the up-and-down start and how the team has progressed or not progressed)

"Defensively, we've improved some from last year, and offensively, we're struggling.  There's no doubt about it.  We made a change at quarterback this week after our game against Denver, so Brodie Croyle is going to be our starting quarterback.  But we've struggled.  We've struggled with scoring points in all phases.  We're struggling there, but we just feel like Brodie, we need to find out about him to see if he's going to be the future quarterback here.  So he's going to be playing this week and hopefully the rest of the year he's going to be the guy."

HEAD COACH HERM EDWARDS (on the change at quarterback being because he knows what he has in QB-Damon Huard and wanting to see what he has in Croyle)

"Yes, and there are some other young guys, Rudy Niswanger is one of our offensive linemen that we're playing.  We're basically trying to play most of our young players.  That's what we're trying to do at this point.  We're in a little bit of a transition period with this football team, really trying to re-vamp it and go in a direction similar to what Indy has done with youth.  That's where we're at right now and that's what we're trying to do."

HEAD COACH HERM EDWARDS (on going with youth not meaning he has given up on this year)

"No, heavens no.  We're still competing trying to win games.  There's no doubt about that.  That's never an issue.  That's never even a thought.  I think you have to let young players play, and we have.  Our last two drafts, nine of those players that we've drafted are either starting or playing for us this year.  So that's a good sign."

HEAD COACH HERM EDWARDS (on RB-Priest Holmes being a good story)

"Yes, he did a great job.  You talk about a guy who had been out a year-and-a-half and is really going to play more for us now with Kolby Smith, the kid we drafted from Louisville, another runner that we kind of like.  But Priest went in last week and carried the ball almost 25 times and did a good job of running.  That's a heck of a story.  You're talking about a guy that people thought was going to retire.  We actually thought he was going to retire.  He called like a week before training camp and said he wanted to make a go of it, so we gave him that opportunity, worked for three months, finally got activated and now he's playing."

HEAD COACH HERM EDWARDS (on RB-Priest Holmes, while being inspirational, he wants results and prove he can play)

"No doubt about it.  He's a very motivated guy, very, very proud guy.  If he didn't think he could play, he would not have tried to make this comeback happen.  He definitely wants to be a good player."

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