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Joseph Addai and Reggie Wayne Quotes

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on if it is nice to get back)   “Yes, it’s always good to come out gradually and start working on the fundamentals.  That’s always good.

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on if it is nice to get back)  * *

"Yes, it's always good to come out gradually and start working on the fundamentals.  That's always good."

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on having RB-Dominic Rhodes back)  

"It feels good.  You always want help at your position.  He's been playing for a long time.  When he was here, he was behind Edgerrin James and learned a lot.  So now he's just helping out in different situations, so I think he will be a big help for us."

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on it seeming like he and Rhodes worked well together in 2006)  

"It was.  When I first came in, he made me feel real comfortable, and that was a good thing because being a rookie is hard.  He made me feel real comfortable and was helping me out a lot.  I don't know if I was supposed to become the starter that year or how it was supposed to turn out, but he handled it really well, so I was really happy about that."

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on the difference in production for him in the first and second halves of last season and if there was a particular reason)  

"I can't really say.  You just go back and look and you learn from that.  You challenge yourself and that's going to probably be one of the challenges, to stay consistent throughout the whole year."

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on if he was banged up last year)  

"I didn't really feel banged up.  You have to consider that some of those games, the starters were coming out in the first half, the second quarter.  You didn't really know what the situation (was going to be).  This year it's just (about) being consistent."

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on if he changed anything in his offseason routine)  

"Not really.  Just talking to the veterans, (they said to) just keep doing what you do.  You know a lot of great guys when they came out, they had it rough.  I'm not saying I had it rough coming in early in my career, but at the same time, you want to stick with the same thing, just do the same thing.  And at the same time, you grow mentally, so I think that's what I'm doing right now."

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on if the San Diego playoff loss stuck with him long)  

"We came in and had an exit meeting and (Offensive Coordinator) Tom (Moore) just told me to let it go.  Him coaching for a long time and being here, you have to trust that and really learn from it to move on."

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on things to accomplish in this mini-camp)  

"Just getting back to the basics.  That's where you start from.  No matter how good you are, you have to start from the basics.  Just getting in and working on the small things, that's what we're doing right now and everybody's pick

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