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Jim Caldwell Conference Call Quotes - Miami

(On what having the final decision-making ability is like after years of being an assistant coach) – “Well, you know, fortunately I’ve had an opportunity to do it before. I was [coaching] in college for about eight years at Wake Forest.

(On what having the final decision-making ability is like after years of being an assistant coach) – "Well, you know, fortunately I've had an opportunity to do it before. I was [coaching] in college for about eight years at Wake Forest. There are some of those decisions that I've been through and certainly had to deal with. You know, obviously, the setting is a bit different, and it certainly is a real challenge and that's what makes it fun."


(On how having a veteran like Peyton Manning on the field helps him as a coach) – "Well, obviously with his great thirst and love for the game, and the way in which he works and prepares, he certainly gives you an added advantage in that regard. You know, anybody that has been in this game long enough understands clearly what it's like to have a great quarterback on your team. And, you know, he's not only just an outstanding player, but he's also a great leader and he serves for a great example for some of the young guys."

(On how Manning has adjusted to the losses of WR Marvin Harrison and head coach Tony Dungy) – "Much like anyone else it's a bit of getting used to. I think we're all kind of getting' comfortable with our surroundings. There's things that have changed that have been certainly hallmarks around here for years with Tony not being here. And also, Marvin Harrison, and he's been adjusting, I think, well. Once-in-a-while, I think all of us may look up, and you think quickly about some circumstances or things that occurred where you recall both guys. So I just think it's one of those process[es] that you have to work yourself through. But, I think Peyton and the rest of the team have adjusted very well. I think they've done a great job in terms of getting focused on what we have to get accomplished and usually all we have to do is look at who we're playing next and which requires every bit of our focus and every bit of our preparation to really have an opportunity to do well, and this week is no different. It's an outstanding team we're facing. Very tough and disciplined team, so we got our work cut out for us."

(On what tells him that a rookie cornerback is 'in over his head' in the NFL) – "Well obviously there's no one in the position where they're over their head in this league. They wouldn't be out there if they were because of the fact that, I think, you know, overall, this league takes a look at every little nuance there is in terms of, you know, the players in this league in terms of their abilities - be it intellectually or physically. And we know they're out there for a reason, because they can do their jobs. So we've never see a situation where we would feel that way. I mean, whoever's out there is a guy that's of quality that has great talent, great desire, highly competitive, and will present a real challenge for us."

(On his impression of Dolphin rookie CB's Sean Smith and Vontae Davis) – "Very, very talented individuals with just outstanding physical tools and they do everything extremely well. So they're going to be a real handful for us."

(On if Pierre Garcon is ready to be a #2 wide receiver) – "Well, I think when you look at overall, Pierre has been with us, this is his second year now. He's a guy that does have ability, I mean he's got speed, he's got strength and power, he's an aggressive blocker, and he's got good hands. So he gives us a pretty good weapon. He's young, so he's going to have to learn and develop, and this week I think will be a real good challenge for him because each and every week, you have another challenge. And this one is one where he'll have some real talented guys that will be responsible for covering him. So he'll get an opportunity to see how he measures up."

(On the loss of WR Anthony Gonzalez) – "Anytime that you have a guy that's certainly been in our system, and knows it well, and has been productive, when you lose him, obviously you certainly – it's not something that you look forward to. We have a saying around here 'next man up.' So whoever goes down or has some difficulty whoever's behind him, he's there for a reason, he can do the job, and we expect him to. And our standards have been pretty high around here, so we really expect whoever it is in that position to come forward and take care of business."

(On what concerns him the most about the Miami defense) – "Well, everything to be honest with you. It's a veteran group up front that's very, very physical. Obviously, you got to be concerned with those two outside rushers who are guys than can do some damage. And Jason Taylor is one that's still a real threat each and every snap of the ball. Joey Porter is maybe one of the most intense players in the league, and just get after it each and every week. Then the interior as well with [Randy] Starks in there, and [Jason] Ferguson, and [Phillip] Merling in particular. I mean, it's – and [Kendall] Langford – it's a real formidable front. And the two inside linebackers are guys that can play. So, a good tough front, and they have a good solid secondary as well. So there are not any areas in which they're weak, they're very, very strong across the board and like I said, they're going to be tough to handle."

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