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Jim Caldwell Aug. 25 Quotes

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On this week) “This week is a big week for us.

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On this week) * *

"This week is a big week for us.  We are running through our paces exactly like we would for a game week.  Today is like a Wednesday of game week.  We will continue that on until we travel.  It's an important time for us in terms of preparation not only for a good, solid team that certainly feels energized with a great group of coaches in Detroit.  It also gives us the opportunity to go on the road which is important, given the type of season we'd like to have.  You have to be able to play well on the road.  This gives us the opportunity to certainly give us a sense of where we are in that area as well.  It's a big week.  It's an important week.  At the same time we cannot lose sight that we have to get better.  We want to be a little bit better than we were in our last performance.  We are going to play the No. 1 units throughout the first half.  Then they will probably play a series into the third quarter to give them a feel for coming out at halftime, making halftime adjustments and things of that nature.  We should have a pretty good look at all the guys that are on our team.  In the second half, we'll begin to substitute and give some other guys some work as well."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On the cornerbacks and if they will be healthy)

"I think so.  I think we feel good about the reports we've gotten in terms of the healing process.  What happens often is they typically come back a little bit sooner.  We're hoping this is a trend in this case as well."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On if more evaluation needs to take place to make decisions on cuts)

 "There is still more that needs to be looked at and examined, and that is what this week is for.  This is always tough.  There are no easy decisions.  I think I read General (George) Patton said 'All decisions are easy if you have all the facts.'  Anytime you are dealing with human emotion and guys that have great goals that they would like reach in life, those decisions are not as easy as one may think.  We certainly need this week to continue to evaluate."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On any update on DB-Bob Sanders)

"He's down in Alabama.  He's checking in with Dr. (James) Andrews.  He's doing well.  Dr. Andrews has looked at him and really feels he's on target and coming along.  He'll be there for a couple days and when he comes back, he'll continue on with the process he's going through here in terms of his rehab.  He's making progress.  He's moving forward.  He feels good about where he is.  Dr. Andrews feels good about where he is.  That means I should feel good about where he is."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On K-Adam Vinatieri and his progression)

"He is making real good progress.  He's working diligently at being ready.  He's moving along quickly."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On the plan for QB-Jim Sorgi)

"We plan to get him out there on the field and give him some movement activity and hopefully increase it during the week and get a sense of where he is come game time.  We'll make our decision from there."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On if the defensive line has a regular rotation)

"That would probably be an accurate assessment.  We wanted to make certain we had a rotation.  We didn't want to necessarily give him (DE-Dwight Freeney) a full dose.  We put him in there in spots.  He did a little third-down rush and things of that nature.  There will be a pretty good rotation between all those guys on the front four.  We just have to determine what that rotation is.  It just depends on how well they play.  It's still a meritocracy.  Guys have to earn it.  A good solid rotation for us is going to help us.  It keeps the wear and tear down and keeps the guys fresh, in particular Robert (Mathis) and Dwight (Freeney), and Raheem (Brock) should be able to do some damage."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On the timing between the long snapper, holder and kicker)

"You know how important that timing is.  That is something we are just going to have to work out.  As he (K-Adam Vinatieri) starts to ramp up his activity, it'll all start to work together at some point.  By the time he takes the field, those problems will be ironed out."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On RB-Edgerrin James and what he meant to the Colts organization)

 "He's a quality guy.  Everybody loved him around here because of the fact, number one, he set a great example.  He was a great worker on the field.  He was a great locker room guy in terms of camaraderie.  He's a 'gamer' in every aspect.  He could do it all.  Not only that, he was a professional.  He knew his assignments.  He performed extremely well.  He was tough.  He was hard-nosed.  He has all the qualities of a great one.  That's why they loved him."

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