Jim Caldwell Aug. 22 Quotes

  HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (General Comments) Saturday “At practice this morning we were basically looking at what we call a ‘mistake’ practice.  We looked at a few things we didn’t do well in the game and tried to focus in on those things to make certain we don’t make those same mistakes.

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (General Comments) Saturday

"At practice this morning we were basically looking at what we call a 'mistake' practice. We looked at a few things we didn't do well in the game and tried to focus in on those things to make certain we don't make those same mistakes. It also gave us the opportunity to get some blood flowing. We looked at the film this morning with the team. They had yesterday off. We went through detail play by play with all phases. We are looking forward to this week for Detroit."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On when he thinks QB-Jim Sorgi will play) Saturday

"I'm not real sure.  That's one of the things we are going to take a real good look at just see how he progresses.  He was out there today dropping back, throwing and things of that nature.  I haven't really seen him put any stress on it as of yet.  He (participated) today.  We'll see how that affects him.  On Tuesday we'll try to see if we can ramp it up a bit more and see how much he can do."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On how long RB-Mike Hart will be out) Saturday

"I would say a couple of weeks at least.  It could be more than that.  It just depends."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On giving the free agents the right mindset) Saturday

"One of the things even after the draft is concluded, we do, is have a recruitment process we go through trying to get them to come here and sign because there are a lot of teams vying for their services.  One of the things that we do stress and tell them is the number of free agents we have are contributors on our team.  We use (Gary) Brackett and (Jeff) Saturday and many other as examples.  We think that helps us.  Last year we had about 18 contribute.  Typically on average we're somewhere between eight and 12, historically.  They have to feel that here they have a realistic opportunity to meet some of their goals.  We look at them all as players.  That's one of the things we don't do around here.  We don't do any form of rookie hazing.  We want to make certain we have a team atmosphere and no divisions.  Everybody gets an opportunity.  The individuals that show they can play and help us, we give full consideration."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On if the team is still in training camp mode) Saturday

"Some of our meeting schedules are similar.  Once we get past Monday, things will strictly be a game-week type preparation."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On if QB-Jim Sorgi can't play, will the team bring QB-Chris Crane back) Saturday

"We will look at every conceivable possibility.  If that in deed does exist, we'll look at that down the road.  Right now, we anticipate he's going to be able to move forward and be just fine.  If he doesn't, then we'll have to look at another scenario."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On if this game is a dry run for regular season) Saturday

"We try to replicate everything in terms of travel, the time we leave, our preparation, how much film we watch and the presentation of film.  Everything is done exactly like it would be done in game week.  It's great for all of us.  We have some guys on our staff that hasn't gone through this with us before.  There are a lot of players that weren't with us a year ago and are unfamiliar with how we do things when we prepare and travel for a game.  It's a great dry run so the first time they are doing this it's not when we are preparing for Jacksonville.  Everybody can see where the problems may be and where we'll have to make some adjustments.  It's a great exercise."

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