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Jets QB-Chad Pennington Conference Call

  QB-CHAD PENNINGTON (on proving himself to a new coach and the QB competition in camp) “I’ve actually enjoyed it and I think the competition actually made me a better player.

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QB-CHAD PENNINGTON (on proving himself to a new coach and the QB competition in camp)

"I've actually enjoyed it and I think the competition actually made me a better player.  Any time you're in a competition you have to stay on the edge, you have to have some anxiety in your stomach and you have to stay focused at all times, because you are fighting for your job, you're fighting for your livelihood.  It (competition) made me a better player and I just tried to embrace the challenge and make the best of it."

QB-CHAD PENNINGTON (on questions regarding his arm strength before and after surgery)

"I just tried to execute throughout training camp.  I knew there would be certain times in practice that we would have a chance to throw long balls.  I didn't really make it an emphasis to fire a few out there just to get people off of my back because the bottom line is still about execution and putting your team in the end zone.  I just tried to work really hard and seek as many experts and advice as much as I could to see how I could increase my velocity and really help myself out."

QB-CHAD PENNINGTON (on any doubts he may have had on his recovery time after surgery)

"I really didn't have negative doubts.  I didn't know what to expect.  After you've had two surgeries you just don't know how your body is going to respond.  I believed in the plan that we had and I still do.  I knew working hard wouldn't be a problem.  It was just a matter of how my body would respond and how things would come together.  I think the key has been time and repetition.  You can't replace time, nor can you place repetition.  It's been a key factor in allowing me to get back healthy and try to help us win."

QB-CHAD PENNINGTON (on what Laveranues Coles means to him)

"Laveranues is such a special player.  He does such a great job of getting open.  Any time you put the ball up in the air, you know #87 is going to give you a chance to make a play.  I think our receiving corps as a whole has done an excellent job of coming in working hard every day.  These guys have made plays for me.  They're exciting to watch.  They're a tough bunch of guys that aren't afraid to get dirty in the running game, hit linebackers and safeties and do what they need to do to help us win."

QB-CHAD PENNINGTON (on the Colts defense and Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis)

"They're an opportunistic defense.  I think the most impressive part about the defense as a whole is their team speed.  Anytime you stop the frame when you're watching their defense you see eight, nine, 10 guys around the football.  They're always swarming the football, they're there to make plays and they do a great job of that.  Teams start to worry about the Colts offense scoring points, but you've got to worry about the Colts defense scoring points, too.  With their pass rush and getting strip sacks, with their ability to intercept the football and read the quarterback's eyes, they do a great job of creating turnovers and creating havoc."

QB-CHAD PENNINGTON (on the lack of sacks for Dwight Freeney this season)

"Any time you have such a great player like Dwi

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