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Jets Conference Call Quotes

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on CB-Darrelle Revis) “I think initially when I came here, I watched all the games and all that stuff, and I thought he really could be the best corner in football. The thing I didn’t realize was how complete he is, how competitive he is.

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on CB-Darrelle Revis) * *

"I think initially when I came here, I watched all the games and all that stuff, and I thought he really could be the best corner in football. The thing I didn't realize was how complete he is, how competitive he is. He's a guy that will take any challenge you put in front of him. So from day one, for the first game of the year, we matched him on the other team's best receiver. Now, you hear about people matching corners, usually it's on the second receiver, and they'll roll coverage to the best receiver. But with us, we'll just match him on the best receiver and say, 'Okay, let's go.' He's phenomenal. He literally has gotten the best of every single receiver he's gone up against this year. Now, he's got WR-Reggie Wayne. The Colts know he's going to be matched on him, and he's going to. We'll see how it goes. Reggie is an unbelievable receiver, and Darrelle Revis is the best corner I've ever been around."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on CB-Darrelle Revis being mentioned as a candidate for Defensive Player-of-the-Year)

"I believe he is. I've been around (Baltimore LB) Ray Lewis when he's won it a couple of times and (Baltimore DB) Ed Reed. Those two guys were deserving. There is no doubt. They played on great defenses. They were the difference makers, and they were outstanding. But even those guys haven't had the impact that Darrelle Revis has had on this football team. You look at this team, statistically, we're the number one defense in the league in scoring and total per play, passing. Obviously, it's a good defense, but a lot of it is due to him. To go out there and to man up the best receivers in the game, and it's not like we've been playing slouches. We've played New Orleans on offense, we've played New England twice, and we've played Houston. We've had a pretty good list, and now obviously the Colts. He matches up. Carolina has Steve Smith, he caught one ball for five yards against him. This last week we played Atlanta and they have Roddy White, but he does it every single week. He's consistent. He never complains. He just works hard. He studies and prepares like the true professional that he is, and obviously he's got a lot of God-given ability and talent, the toughness, the competitiveness, and he doesn't say a word. He just goes out and plays. He's an amazing player."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on anything different about QB-Peyton Manning this year)

"No, he's still the same guy that destroys everybody. He's phenomenal. I'm sure he'll be the Offensive Player-of-the-Year again and the Player-of-the-Year. Like I always tell people, I hate going against him. I don't like him when I play him, but I know one thing, I respect him more than any player in the National Football League, and just admire him. He's the best. He's going to go down as maybe the best quarterback of all-time. He's just an amazing guy. You meet him off the field and he's a terrific person. He's got everything. You would think there would be a flaw, but you don't see it. Just a tremendous person, a tremendous player, and shoot, if they want to get rid of him, we'll go ahead and take him."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on if he's taking the approach that the Colts' starters will play the whole game)

"That's the only approach we're going to take…We have to prepare that all of their starters are playing, and then if they don't, so be it. Clearly, we have to be ready to play four quarters against Peyton Manning and company."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on the Colts not beating themselves)

"That's true. I think their defense is underrated because they find ways to finish games. The thing we've done, even looking at ourselves defensively, we're a pretty good defense, and you guys will see that when we come in there. But to be a great defense you have to finish, and that's what the Colts' defense does. You saw it last week. They get the big interception late in the game. They bend a little bit, but they very seldom break. Obviously, with Peyton Manning and that offense over there, maybe you're not as known or not as appreciated, but from a defensive coach, I certainly appreciate the job those guys have done. It's quite a team. When you have (DE-Robert) Mathis and (DE-Dwight) Freeney in there and all those guys playing, this is one heckuva football team. They are extremely well-coached, and when you talk about (that) they don't beat themselves, that's true. Manning doesn't get sacked. I don't care how many blitzes you throw at him, he's not getting sacked. He just knows where to go with the football. The timing is impeccable. (Senior Offensive Coordinator) Tom Moore, him and (Senior Offensive Line Coach) Howard Mudd, I was telling our reporters it seems like they've been there 50 years, but they're the best. I have such a respect for those guys and what they do and the way they play and the efficiency of their offense and things like that. It's really amazing. It really is."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on since the Colts don't make mistakes does he have to tell his team to play perfect)

"Well, yes, that's it. We hope to maybe give them a couple looks that maybe he's not expecting. I think we have to get him off his spot as much as possible without leaving yourself too vulnerable, because he's going to see a matchup he likes, and he'll get it in there. It's such a great challenge, and obviously you can't afford any mental mistakes against this offense, or they're just going to kill you. We have to be, without question, at the top of our game, and we'll see if that is good enough in the end."

HEAD COACH REX RYAN (on WR-Austin Collie)

"Well, the first thing is you're like, 'Who is this guy?' It's like, 'Where did they find him?' But, hey, he's a talented guy. There is no question that (WR-Pierre) Garcon and Collie, all of these guys can go, and the funny thing is they have no WR-Anthony Gonzalez out there. So, just wait until he comes back. This is a talented group. You have to credit the scouting department as well because there are some guys there that are like, 'Where is he from?' and 'I've never heard of that school.' Yet, they'll find them and put them in their system. To the young men's credit, they have to be coachable, because I think this system would be hard to learn. They just walk right in and it seems they play immediately, whether it's receivers, like an Austin Collie, or whether it's a RB-Donald Brown or RB-Joseph Addai, when he was a rookie. They just come right in and seem to contribute. That's a real credit to the scouting department. I think it's a real credit to the coaching staff, and for the individuals how they walk in and adjust. I'm sure it's no easy thing. It's got to be a little intimidation thing there to when you have Peyton Manning as a quarterback. That's probably not the easiest thing when a rookie is coming in."

CB-DARRELLE REVIS (on being mentioned for Defensive Player-of-the-Year)

"That's a great award to win, but I still have a lot of work to do.  I have two games left.  My thing is just from the hard work in the offseason paying off, and Rex (Ryan) coming in and bringing this defense here to allow me to excel in my game and with my athletic ability.  That's a great award if someone like me gets picked, or Charles Woodson or whoever else is up for it.  But I feel like I have a lot more work to do."

CB-DARRELLE REVIS (on his stats this season against big-name receivers)

"The stats are crazy this year.  I probably won't do a self-evaluation until after the season, but it's just me trying to do my job, studying these guys every day throughout the week.  This week will be a bigger challenge for me because it's Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne, so it's like going against (Michael) Jordan and (Scottie) Pippen.  It's a one-two duo, they (have great) timing and they have great chemistry, so it's going to be a big challenge this week for me."

CB-DARRELLE REVIS (on Rex Ryan making no secret of him getting matched against Reggie Wayne, and it being a bigger matchup because of the importance of the game to the Jets)

"They're undefeated, we've been up-and-down through the whole year, and we know it's going to be tough to get a win against Indy, but I think we're capable of doing it.  I think we just have to focus on this week and make sure everybody is in the playbook and studying and focused, because we know Peyton is going to have his guys ready and they're going to be really focused to have an undefeated regular season.  There's a lot at stake this week for us, and I just think if we focus in on things, everybody will be okay."

CB-DARRELLE REVIS (on Peyton Manning having said before that there is no defense for a perfect throw, or does Revis think there is nothing you can do against good coverage)

"I have to agree with Peyton on that, because he has the ball in his hands.  There is no defending a perfect throw.  From looking at film, he knows where to put the ball in the perfect spot to where DBs can't get it, or they might have their head turned watching their man and they can't see where the ball is thrown, but the receiver knows where the ball is at and he makes an adjustment to make the play.  So I have to agree with Peyton on that, but this challenge is going to be great.  I'm a competitor, as well as him, so it's going to be a good dog fight.  I'm excited, I've never played against Peyton, so it will be a good deal.  I talked to him a little bit at the Pro Bowl last year, got introduced to what kind of person he is, so I know he's a fighter."

CB-DARRELLE REVIS (on Colts DB Jerraud Powers saying he bases what he does on how Revis plays)

"That's crazy, because I'm still trying to emulate Deion Sanders, Ty Law and Champ Bailey.  I appreciate that.  I still have a lot of football to learn.  I'm only in my third year, just trying to play the best and learn as much as I can.  I just try to be consistent.  I think that's the one thing I try to do, and I think if he does want to watch somebody that's young and doing the best they can and being consistent, it's probably me, because the one thing I try to do is be consistent.  I hope that's rubbing off on him and he's out there making plays as well and being a consistent cornerback."

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